Hai-Kuul – July 12, 2005

Meredith Baxter-Birney (Requested by patresa74)
She’s done many things
But to us she’ll always be
Alex Keaton’s mom

Amplified Performance (Requested by princess_castle)
Playing instruments
Is nice. But if you want to
Be heard: Plug it in!

Finish Line (Requested by princess_castle)
The longest journey
Starts with but a single step
And ends with my win

I Am Sick ‘n Tired of Everything (Requested by princess_castle)
How can you say this?
Only the omnipotent
Can truly claim that

You Were Meant For Me??? (Requested by princess_castle)
This is a surprise
It’s a mail-order husband
Must be a mistake

You Made the Breakfast? (Requested by princess_castle)
This morning I woke
To the smells burning toast
And kitchen fire

You Think Roddick is Happy? (Requested by princess_castle)
I really don’t know
He could be happy or not
I just don’t know him

When I Play Guitar… (Requested by princess_castle)
Plucked strings create worlds
I fly on wings of music
And dance with my dreams

If Only (Requested by princess_castle)
I wish for a lot
It takes up so much time that
Real life passes by

Drumstick Chicken (Requested by princess_castle)
Kudos to the one
That had the mind to invent
Easy to eat meat

Forgiveness (Requested by WizenedDragonPK)
The ultimate act
To grant someone leave of their
Own hurtful actions

Freedom (Requested by WizenedDragonPK)
To soar without chains
Accountable to no one
Except for yourself

Absolution (Requested by WizenedDragonPK)
You are now allowed
To remove your guilty past
Like a heavy coat

Infection (Requested by WizenedDragonPK)
In every pore
It dwells, eating away at
The core of your soul

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Fig-tionary – July 12, 2005

sunglower (Requested by TheresaWarriorPrincess)

  1. Function: transitive verb – To look or stare with sullen annoyance as a normally unnaturally cheery person – Usage: Little Miss Sweetiepants sunglowered at the pit bull that just made a mess in her tulip garden.
  2. Function: noun – A sullen, brooding look of annoyance given by an unnaturally cheery person – Usage: Little Miss Sweetiepants gave Dave a sunglower after he belched at the dinner table.

lecutes (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: noun – Cute people from France or Québec – Usage: “Check out those lecutes, ” said Dave, hopping up and down excitedly.

porents (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: noun – Ents that have no money – Usage: Treebeard sighed as he and Fern settled down near the entrance of the subway station to panhandle. Life for porents was tough in the Fourth Age.

acually (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: adjective – Filled with error due to lack of care – Usage: Mr. Robinson could acually add numbers together with startling results!

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