Writing Assignment from Patresa

If Talent Had No Limit and Money Grew Like Weeds

Patresa, in her quest to achieve perfect spelling without a dictionary, wrote about what would happen if her talent had no limit and she had an infinite amount of scratch to eek out a living. Although, come to think of it, eek is probably quite the understatement.

Of course, at the end of her dream sequence, she put forth the challenge to her readers to come up with their own scenarios.

Mine goes something like this…

    As the night sky starts to lighten, Jorge wakes up. The sun hasn’t started its visble ascent yet, but the sky’s subtle change alerts him that the blazing daybringer will be arriving relatively soon. He climbs off of the bed, careful not to disturb his sleeping wife, and tiptoes over to the large bay window overlooking Rock Lake.

    He gazes across the clear sky and smiles at the prospect of another clear day. He quietly changes into some clothes with which to explore the forest, and slips out of the large cottage.

    The cottage is a wonder of technology, paid for by his successful photography and music. It cost a king’s ransom to outfit it with the comforts of the city, only because the technology could not be disruptive to the surrounding environment.

    Jorge spends the morning photographing the sunrise with his analog SLR camera. Though he has several digital cameras at his disposal, he likes to use the one that Mrs. J gave him as an engagement gift. Some habits die hard. Some never die.

    By the time he returns, his friend has arrived by boat bearing fish.

    ” I just happened to be out, ” said his friend, Brad.

    ” You just want to use the bullet, don’t you? ” Jorge chuckled.

    ” Well, maybe, ” Brad hopped out of the boat and moored it, ” My old lady is in T-Dot today. I figured I’d suprise her. “

    ” Fine by me. I was thinking of scooting over to Dave’s if you two would like to come with. “

    ” Doggie, ” Brad grinned ear to ear.

    After a breakfast of eggs, bacon and fish (Mrs. J opted for toast instead of fish), the trio headed to Huntsville to the train station. Jorge parked the electric car at a recharge space, and the three of them headed over to the platform.

    The waiting area was packed with people waiting to get on the new mag-lev train to Toronto. Everyone was in good spirits and began boarding the train at the blow of the whistle.

    Jorge, Mrs. J and Brad didn’t board that train.

    Instead, they approached an elevator that opened as Jorge approached, and took an elevator down to the experimental “Bullet” train.

    After Jorge started making a name for himself, his friends, too, started to become recognized. It was a happy coindcidence that they al achieved fame at the same time, as it gave their next move a lot of power.

    They joined forces with some startup environmentally conscious transportation companies, as well as some startup telcos and clothing lines. By working together, and using the universal catalyst known as money, they managed to create some wonderful inventions that cost very little to maintain.

    At first, people thought that several artists banding together for a cause would not really create an impact. However, rather than appearing at media circuses, and lobbying the government, they took it upon themselves to approach it from a business point of view (with a scientific twist). Utilizing people that were not being recognized for their talent, they managed to create a global movement for change that literally took the world by storm.

    The “Bullet”, while called “experimental” was actually already proven. It was a train that utilized magnetic peristalsis to propel the train car down a tunnel. it allowed for a much smoother acceleration, and higher speeds, with no detriment to stability.

    Within an hour they arrived in Toronto, and Brad called his gal and told her to meet us at Dave’s.

    They promptly caught public transit to Dave’s Pub (run by his uncle Gerry).

    Dave met Jorge at the door and greeted him with a hug.

    ” Long time no see, manus, ” Dave smiled.

    ” No kidding, ” Jorge replied.

    ” MY SPOON IS TOO BIG, ” Dave laughed.

    Jorge joined in. Mrs. J just shook her head.

    On the far wall, a vidscreen sprung to life. Ian appeared.

    ” Hey guys, ” he shouted. There seemed to be a party at his pub in Tallinn.

    ” Hey Ian, ” they all replied.

    ” How’s life over there? ” Ian was obviously being jostled by the happy crowd at his place.

    ” Great, ” Jorge said, ” The Bullet Line to Estonia from England should be done within two months. Soon we can hang out again. “

    ” Sweet, ” Ian grinned.

    ” Imagine what will happen when we finish the teleporter? ” Dave winked.

I could go on forever with a story like that. Nothing would be dearer to my heart than to help make the world a better place. I’m sure that the tech in my story is a pipe dream (nice pun), but it’s nice to have a vision of something good, right?

5 Responses

  1. Clearly I had nothing to do with the bullet train, as I don’t know what the fuck peristalsis means. That’s right MSN: fucky, fucky, fucky. Anyhoo, thanks your unlimited wealth and talent for good and not evil. Appreciate the pub!

  2. OOH OOH! it just so happens that i know what peristalsis means — i learned it at the hospital when i was having some technical difficulties with my large intestine (otherwise known as the pooper). excellente, jorge. rich with detail. but now i feel like a jackass for not helping anyone in my own limitless future. i suck. but at least i was allowed to have a tawdry affair with a rock star. p

  3. You have great taste in blogs, my new friend….Patresa is fanatastic and I stalk her regularly….then she visits me and laughs at my mindless meanderings. I primarily stick to writing “crap” in my blog, but someone has to cover the hard hitting topics like drive-thrus, snack cake comparisons, and sea monkeys. You painted quite the picture on your canvas of words with your advanced, but environmentally correct adventure….but now I must be off to visit Patresa…after all, according to her note she wrote in a tawdry affair with a rock star…… Boy do I hope it’s Bono….. On a serious note..I truly enjoyed perusing your blogs and I’ll be back… Paige :o)

  4. “just floating through these spaces like a butterfly, for seeng is believing…through the tigers eye” thank you for stopping by my space today!!!

  5. That’s a beautiful story, Jorge. I can see you doing it, too. 🙂 I notice Dave is helping out with your profanity conundrum. ;-D

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