Hai-Kuul – July 21, 2005

Jorge Doesn’t Like Lunch (Requested by Drea)
Jorge used to eat food
Now he simply writes haiku
Send him some muffins!

Burden? What Burden? (Requested by Drea)
I’m not complaining
So why don’t you take your whip
And leave me alone!

Drea’s Hai-Kuuls Are Fun (Requested by Drea)
Leandra’s requests
Fly in a mile a minute
But they make me think

This Side of the Country (Requested by Drea)
It’s the wild, wild West
But instead of the horses
We’ve got wild salmon!

Pianos and Piccolos (Requested by Drea)
The strangest duet
You will ever hear for sure
Expensive tickets

Van Gogh’s Earring (Requested by Drea)
Vincent’s gold earring
Sparkles brightly on the ground
Since his ear left town

Maple Leafs and Other Red Things (Requested by Drea)
In the wind it flaps
Who knew that this bright colour
Would make us so proud?

Irish/Scandinavian Who Speaks French (Requested by Drea)
An accent can be
A very attractive trait
But a triple? Whoa…

The Taj Mahal (Requested by Drea)
Some guy built this thing
To make his lady happy
Flowers are cheaper

Morning On My Mind (Requested by Drea)
When I go to bed
I think of the sun’s greeting
I can’t wait ’till morn!

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.

One Response

  1. omg, some of these are ridiculous!!! I love it. Well done, Drea and Jorge!

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