Hai-Kuul – July 19, 2005

Men Are From Mars and I Don’t Like Aliens (Requested by Drea)
Why are men so weird?
Like other-worldly creatures

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (Requested by Reena0170)
The double-helix
That brought both Watson and Crick
fame and some fortune

Death By Organic Chemistry (Requested by Reena0170)
I know boredom kills
The reaper takes the form of
My Org. Chem. teacher

Implantation (Requested by Reena0170)
The embryo grips
The uterine wall. You must
Stay abreast of this

Empty Apple Juice Boxes (Requested by Reena0170)
Hear the hollow sound
Disappearing apple juice
Leaving behind drops

Recovering Alcoholic (Requested by Reena0170)
Court has a problem
But she’s taking the high road
And dealing with it

Melting Chocolate Chip Cookies (Requested by Reena0170)
Everyone knows
Chocolate chip cookies should
Be eaten warmed up

Bubu (Requested by Reena0170)
Poor Mr. Burgess
A nickname not unlike his
Girlfriend’s mother’s dog

Evil Laughs (Requested by Reena0170)
Hear the soft buildup
And the loud sounds of laughter
As Reena freaks out

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my space! It’s nice to know that honesty is still appreciated.

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