Thanks! All Everyone Needs is a Zealot!

Thanks To All

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came out to the show at Salvador Darling last night. No pieces were purchased, but there were lots of signatures in the guest book. Many smiling faces came to greet us and much merriment seemed to be had by all.

I enjoyed it quite a lot, and a lot of your compliments were most welcome and wonderful.

Special thanks to Tanya, owner of Salvador Darling, for all of her help and for the space to display our art. Also, thanks goes out to Mark for being the other half of “Town and Country”.

Everyone Needs a Nemesis

When I was studying Capoeira, I met a guy named Tien. Tien was very skilled (he had been doing Martial Arts for a long time), and he was also relatively pain-resistant. His speed and agility, as well as his strength were a great challenge to deal with when playing aggressive games. And so he became my nemesis (consequently, that’s just a nickname. Tien is a good friend of mine).

Tien is one of the reasons I missed Capoeira when I left my old academy.

I joined Karate later that year. I wondered what kind of challenges I would face from the sensei, as well as the other students.

And in walked my new nemesis…

Steve was his name, and he had studied Goju-Ryu before. He is a big guy, quick on his feet and pretty strong. When we sparred for the first time, I remember opening up a bit in terms of impact, and he answered in kind. One of us is always pushing the envelope. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last night, Steve came out to the exhibition. Unfortunately it was close to the end of the night, but he put in an appearance none the less (our friend Vinnie also came out). While all the compliments were great to receive that evening, Steve’s touched me the most for some reason.


Maybe one develops an emotional attachment to someone they get into fistfights with on a regular basis…

STEVE: Your stuff is great, Nemesis.
JORGE: Thanks, Nemesis.
STEVE: [Pointing to a black-and-white photograph titled Reaching Out. It’s a landscape shot of a cliff with a deciduous tree growing out on a strange angle. It looks like a hand reaching across a fog-filled valley.] This one is my favourite. This one…is awesome man.
JORGE: Wow, Steve. Thanks!
STEVE: Yeah. I really like that one.
JORGE: I picked it because it reminded me of you.
STEVE: Because it is weak, and fragile? Because it’s about to fall apart?
STEVE: Excellent, Nemesis.

Honestly, it did remind me of Steve. Only because of the fact that the tree is so tenacious. It’s reaching for the sky even though it’s not firmly planted in solid ground. Steve is like this.

He’s from Newfoundland. You’d hear some people say Steve’s from the Rock.

But I say he’s cut from it.

Religious Zealots and Other Commentators

Today I received a comment on my site from someone in Portuguese (at least I think it is Portuguese). As near as I can figure, it’s a long-ass poem about how God is always there, patiently waiting for us, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Maybe it’s something lost in translation, but to me it makes God look like some stalker, hiding outside your house in the bushes.

Honestly, I mean no disrespect to those of Christian faith. I am not a religious person so much as a spiritual person. While I may not believe in the same things that other people do, it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect their views. That being said, I think it’s rude to push things on other people.

I offer my own opinions on my blog. If people do not wish to read them, that is up to them. When I leave comments on other’s blogs, they are related to the content of the entry that I am commenting on. I don’t leave idiotic comments or chain-letters.

I visited some friends blogs today and saw the same comment on their latest entries. This made me feel like a bag of crap, because this person obviously found them through me.

I visited this person’s page this morning, and told them to leave the propaganda off of people’s pages that didn’t ask for it.

This type of idiocy ranks up there with those morons who leave negative comments but no e-mail or blog address to trace them to.

Anonymity is for those who fear the truth, my friends.

12 Responses

  1. Jorge, I’m with you 100% here…. I can’t agree more. I am at a loss for words… Awesome!! Now, do you think it will work??

  2. Woooo Hoooo Jorge Now that was well said I also agree 110% After awhile it gets to ya .. I would feel much like you! You just put it all into words in a much better way than I might have! HUGS Barb

  3. Thanks for saying that better than I ever could.

  4. Half in the bag right now and just wanted to say: me love you long time. Loooooooong time. Okay, three minutes, maybe, but it’d be a good three minutes is all I’m saying.

  5. hey jorge how is it goin thx for th message.. i got my visa…yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol n th requests…no hurry…take ur time n hav fun doin it. tc lata

  6. hi…sounds like you had a great showing of your work…i know for me it’s not about the sales, but about being seen and touching others through my images…i didn’t sense any disappointment in your words…your on the true path of an artist…on the other matter…zealots are hard to change, as is immature commentors…as always i had a great read here…thank you bill

  7. hey jorge, ur show was awesome! my fav was ur banana bread… jkidding! my fav was “dying leaves”. anyways, i totally agree with you, i hate it when ppl push religion into ur face. it’s so annoying.

  8. First of all I’d like to say thank you for putting up with my “hai-kuul antics”…cause honestly Jorge? You’re the only person I know who would take the time to write poetry (even silly ones that I come up with) just to make someone smile. I’m glad that you had such a wonderful time at your show, I can’t believe that you didn’t make a sell though. Tough market but next time they’ll be some money to be made. Christine (the roomate) has started working on your masterpiece and wants to thank you for allowing her to do so. (She thinks you rock…finally something that we both agree on) I had a nemesis in high school, her name was Barbara, I have grown not to despise her anymore because she has children and somehow I think that this makes her a person that I can no longer stick my tongue out at. (Weird concept hey?) As for the religion, I agree with you wholeheartedly; even if I am on the Catholic side of the line. I don’t think that it’s fair to push your faith upon another. Nor do I think that it’s okay to down someone else’s beliefs. K…enough rambling… Have a wicked day hun, Drea

  9. Happy Monday Jorge!!! I’m working hard today, so I might not answer if you’re chatting with me. Don’t take it personally!! 🙂 Linette

  10. Jorge! Sorry I didn’t make it down on Thursday… I was REALLY tired after hockey, and didn’t feel like fighting the traffic to get down there… but i will definitely be down at some point to check out your work! It would have been nice to raise a glass together, but perhaps another time! And good words on the zealots… it’s funny because I’ve been noticing a lot that quite a few people’s comments don’t really have ANYTHING to do with the posts… that strikes me as odd! Isn’t that the idea behind the comments? The fellow was probably trying to say something to effect that God is in every stone, etc… and I agree with you… I am also spiritual without being religious… heh… God as a stalker… 🙂 funny stuff man! Catch you around! James.

  11. I totally agree. there is a time and place for everything. Like when someone wins an award and uses the “press” time to voice views on some thing totally unrelated to the present situation. Playing the devils advocate though( and mind you I didnt read the comment they left) I do give people some credit for having a strong conviction about something. Esp these days when peop[le can be so apathetic they dont care about anuthing except themselves and getting ahead. But like I said I do believe there is a time and place for things and that you should NEVER and i mean NEVER cram your views down some one elses throat or make them feel less because they dont hold the same beliefs as you. ok have I rambled enough?

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