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  1. hi i want to thank you for your comments…and i really enjoyed my visit here…i’m going to add you to my favorites list…i find that some that visit me look them over and i like to think i’ve put together quite a variety of rogues…each space i find interesting or fun…even inspired…anyways thank

  2. boob sucking ninja….wow. you could be right. now i’m intrigued. imma hafta go to the library and check me out a few books…..trapping and catching ninjas…..the way of the ninja…..how to make love to a ninja….caring for your ninja…..how to cook a ninja….. i know… i’m demented. it is soooooo retardedly past my bedtime! Zac, dOOd, i have no idea who the hell you are….but have a GREAT birthday. DO IT! or i’ll have to come and beat you senseless. uh..yeah. party on dude! (i trust you’ll see that zac gets this birthday message)

  3. Happy birthday to Zac first 🙂 ,
    thank you for visiting my space, I would like that you stop by it again soon, I wait for you, nice space here.. I like photography too so much, I wish to be one oneday with the rest of my dreams :)) thxxx again. May..

  4. hi.. thanks for sharing your site. it’s wonderful. Honestly.. and I’ve said this before. I think this is totally the new frontier. Particularly blogging. It’s nothing less than a phenomon and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. And with the assistance of the World Wide Web to connect us; MSN’s “My spaces” have become our newest social Petri dish. Those unaware can’t help but [even if they don’t know it now] want to join the party. I know, for me, the substantial dimension and lack of boundaries create an offer I simply can’t refuse… Thanks again.. Stop by sometime… Nancy

  5. Hey Zac! I don’t even know if you’ll see this, but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy your day with your friends and family. Your friend, T

  6. Well! With reference to my bday of a week ago: I didn’t expect comments. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even look for them when I read Mr Hai-Kuul’s little poem. Thanks especially to the illustrious T. My birthday was good. At some point I’m going to have to double-dactyl y’all to pieces. But for now my spidery limbs are stiff and useless like a dead lizard in the sun. I must replenish my strength. Bide, bide …

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