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  1. You have a great weekend too! Catch you later! James.

  2. I’m having hai-kuul withdrawals

  3. Have a great one!! Linette

  4. Hi Ya Jorge Hope you had a terrific weekend… Have a Happy Monday! Hugs Barb

  5. wow this is a good blog thanks for sharing all good photos in you web site. I’m also a photographer visit my blog some time.

  6. Hi Jorge! It’s early monday morning… Are you back yet? Huh? Huh? Poke and nudge and all of that good stuff… Get back to the hai-kuuls, I have some waiting for you (swear that I can hear you groan in Ontario). Ha Ha Cheers, Drea

  7. Have a great weekend Jorge. Oh shit its Monday

  8. Hope you had a great weekend Jorge – the ‘Gonk was amazing!

  9. Jorge: I’m an editor at MSN/MSNBC.com and wanted to let you know that we’re considering your Space for promotion on the What’s Your Story hub at http://whatsyourstory.msn.com. The hub is a weekly showcase of the best Spaces as judged by MSN editors. Please e-mail me at james.eng@msnbc.com for additional details/questions, etc.

  10. Hope the weekend turned out wonderfully – I was thinking of you guys, and wishing for good weather!

  11. Jorge, I’m only here because I have a problem. It’s the haikuuls… you see… I can’t live without them. I don’t know what to do… but I swear I’ll resort to writing them myself soon if you don’t return! Don’t make me do it! Come back- stop the madness! Soylent Green is PEOPLE! -Theresa

  12. Hi thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll come back here to see more your good photo again.

  13. Oh Jorge, Happy to hear you’ve got a life 😉 Kudos!

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