Hai-Kuultest – Part Three

The 500th haiku came and went like a bat out of hell. It is time for another contest to celebrate the milestone. I was supposed to wait for Drea to indicate what the next photo was to be, but she thought it would be better to ignore that and request another ten million poems.

The contest will be similar to the last one. Check out the rules below.

Starting today, at 13:00 EST, I will be taking requests for Hai-Kuul. The 40th request wins. The rules are as follows..

  • The request must be made in the Hai-Kuul post on the sidebar as a comment. Any other Hai-Kuul request will not be counted as an entry, but I will create a Haiku for it regardless.
  • You cannot submit more than one request at a time. Thus five requests in the same comment only count as one entry.
  • You cannot submit more than one comment in a row at a time. Thus, if you were to submit two comments in a row, it would only count as one entry.
  • The Request must be original. No duplicates (which means you have to read the other ones). Duplicate requests will be deleted.
  • No members of my family are eligible for this. Any request from my family will be ignored (I will still write a haiku for the request though).
  • As of August 09, 2005, any request containing over ten topics in length will be deleted, and will thus not count as an entry.
  • The winner of the last contest cannot win this time. However, that person may contribute suggestions, and their entries will count towards the 40 entries. Should this person submit the 40th entry, the 41st will be the winner.
  • To receive the prize (there is only one), you must be able to provide me with a mailing address.

The prize for the 40th requestor will be an 8×10 glossy limited print (4/100) of a Moonlit Night in Algonquin Park (on 8.5×11 Canon Professional Photo Paper).

The 500th Haiku has already occurred due to the fact that Drea is a request-o-matic. She wins a 4×6 of the photo…

Good luck!

UPDATE (Aug 15, 2005): This contest is now closed.

10 Responses

  1. wow! so i could get another one?

  2. haiku request: pea soup

  3. This one doesn’t count as an entry. The rules state it must be done in the Hai-kuul entry on the sidebar (on your left) to count.

  4. Nice pic! Hai-kuul – more staying power than….. Rubik’s Cube, the hoola-hoop, the pet rock, Fanta Working up to in staying power: AC/DC, the Energizer Bunny, Keith Richards.

  5. Wohoooooooooooooooo

  6. woot woot… I get a picture too? That rocks Jorge… Now, I know that I’m the maniac who writes up hundreds of requests per day, but think of it as my way of saying “Jorge, I’m glad to be your friend” and “I’m supporting this hai-kuul cause”. 🙂 Was I supposed to pic a picture? Why didn’t I know about that? Hmm… ??? Alright, I’ve got to scoot out the door before I wind up being late (again) for work.. Cheers, Drea

  7. My dear, that is certainly a beautiful picture. I, myself, am a fan of the moon. It is so much more than a ball of rock in the sky. You write wonderful poetry. I wish you a fantastic day.

  8. lmao…thx jorge ur soooooooo sweeeet….lol cya

  9. That is an awesome picture. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!!! Linette

  10. nice site hun sweet poems I dunno if what interests me would fit into your space so I won’t make a request but i will however visit from time to time have a great night hun

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