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  1. LMAO!!! good one thanx!!!

  2. Nicely done. I hope you had a great week. 🙂 Linette

  3. Beautiful and unique haiku!

  4. And yet another completely individual & creative space! Every minute my mind blows on msn spaces!

  5. That reminds me of that great Ikea commercial a little while back, about the old desk lamp that the guy puts out in the garbage, that just sits there….alone…..on the curb….a tear wells in the corner of your eye as the darkness sets in and the little lamp’s fate is sealed. What were we talking about, oh yeah, dirty dish haiku. Good one… ~ian

  6. drea is setting the bar way too high with her 100 requests! yesterday i pulled a dirty ice cream scoop out of the dishwasher. so i wish to think of this haiku as “Dirty Ice cream Scoop”

  7. Happy Friday Jorge!! Have a great weekend. 😀 Linette

  8. I’m hungry but my fork is dirty 😦

  9. p.s. the site with your photo gallery looks nice. so do the photos. i particularly like the single leaf. It is deceptive. looks like it is falling instead of hanging out on the end of a branch. anyways, on your site, if the mouse is over the CV section, a person can’t slide down to click on the site about the portage store (at least it won’t work on an apple) without the CV disappearing.

  10. Hi Jorge Thanks for stopping by and for the congratulatory comments. It is truly wonderful and I am more than surprised at the number of people that have been by! I have had many comments through pages from a month ago not to mention emails.. Hope you are having a Great Weekend Hugs Barb

  11. I’m going to start a new list on my blog for the ones I visit frequently and I hope you don’t mind me adding yours on the list. I never fail to have fun on your blog, so i want to share with others who read my blog!! ~Totoro

  12. You know, that I am the most dedicated of all the hai-kuuler’s… As for the insanity, please pass over the bottle of rum and we’ll deal with that in an instant! HA HA Thank you so much for the picture! I actually received it yesterday and it is hanging quite proudly in my living room next to my roomate’s artwork (she’s spectacular so this is the highest of all compliments). Your photo is simply amazing and I adore it… Cheers, Drea

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