Guest Fig-tionary – June 08, 2005

ditr (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: transitive verb – to prevent or curb the undesirable behaviour of a German – Usage: Try as I might, I could not ditr the good Dr. Ruth from demonstrating the ‘cunning tigress’ upon my father. The vision in his right eye was never the same.

reaspond (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: verb – to answer a question posed by the actor Stephen Rea – Usage: “Don’t feel bad—anyone could have made that mistake,” I reasponded. “That dude totally looked like a chick.”

Special thanks to Dave for his Fig-tionary entries!

*Remember, you can submit a request for a crazy definition for a typo by clicking here. You can read about the Fig-tionary here.

5 Responses

  1. Good Day to you Jorge!! I hope you are having the best Saturday ever!! 🙂 Linette

  2. Good job, Dave. I will have visions of Germans dancing in my dreams. Hope everyone is having a terrif weekend.

  3. Hi ya Jorge Geesh I am behind on visiting..couldn’t run A/C and puter at the same time .. and with this heat ugh Finally got it cleaned and serviced so now I am COOL and typing ..ah Life is Good Have a Great Weekend Cheers Barb

  4. Now if only I had a word for your figtionary… I’m thinking…and I’ll be back… Hugs, Drea p.s check out your hai-kuul section and gulp… Full steam ahead Jorge!

  5. Good work Dave!

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