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Thinking About Ideas

Yesterday a friend suggested that I should perhaps make a book comprised of haiku and my photographs. I’ve actually thought of this before, but I didn’t think it had any merit.

What are your thoughts on this, audience? Do you think it would be a successful venture?

I daresay I am not really strapped for ideas in terms of writing haiku, so I could always match the haiku to the picture, or just have the pictures there as something nice to look at.

Of course, in the end, this is all just an exercise in holding my breath. I don’t really have any contacts in the publishing industry.

So, throw me some ideas, folks. Let me know what you think!

Guest Fig-tionary Writer

Due to the ridiculous number of Hai-Kuul requests, I have decided to dole out some writing responsibility to someone who I trust immensely with my life, and blog (of course). Allow me to introduce (again) Dave!

You probably remember him from such stories as Zip and Tuck, and the ever-popular Rafting Adventure.

Dave has immensely awesome writing skills.

He will do us proud here at Barking Space.

9 Responses

  1. Rock on Jorge…. So big, he’s outsourcing. Looking forward to all the new Barking Space excitement. Cheers buddy ~ian

  2. I think you’d better do a more thorough job or reviving the art of haiku before you put a book out. As it stands, the dozen of us here that might buy it would barely cover the printing costs!

  3. Excellent point, Jay. Thanks for being one of the dozen. 😉
    It’s these kinds of thoughts I need to draw out of people.
    Obviously it would either be a book of funny haiku (in which case, the photos may not really work – although they might in a Jack Handy Deep Thought kinda way).
    On the other hand, a book of photos may require whole new haiku.


  4. Go for it!!! Seriously. If you have the means to do it, do it. You’re a brilliant writer, share that!! Linette

  5. Well… you know I love the haikus. However, I really know NOTHING about the world of publishing and alllllllllll that jazz. (What it takes to put a book out in terms of time and money- all that remains in the realm of MYSTERY! OI!) But would it hurt to try? You already love photography and haikus (from what I can gather anyway). Why not put them together and put them out there? I’m not sure if it’s be lucrative (though it may well be), but I’m sure you’d get some satisfaction out of it. I’d be one of the dozen.

  6. Dave’s not here man

  7. I think making a book is an excellent idea

  8. Heya! My first comment after a long time of just lurking and reading, heheh. Anyway, printing costs are something to be considered indeed. So perhaps try with a webpage first. Test the idea. See how it works ;). And i didn’t mean just should publish the book right now – just keep the idea in the back of your mind or something like that. Perhaps some photo you take reminds you of some haiku or gives you a new haiku idea and vice versa :).

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