Typing About Mud At the End

The Sound of Typing

It’s always interesting to meet someone for the first time. There is the slight nervousness of how to present yourself, the forced grasping at straws we call conversation topics, and the buildup of sweat in the usually smellier places of your body where sweat seems to take brief vacations.

What’s even more interesting is meeting someone that you have read about, or even someone whose words you have read.

The internet is one of the world’s greatest tools of communication and also one of the worst. Usually the tone is lost in the typing, so many a misunderstanding has occurred from misread messages that didn’t have a smiling emoticon to indicate humour. However, for every instance of the internet being the devil, it also has an angelic side as well.

Sometimes you just end up clicking with the person who you are communicating with, and this buds into a friendship of sorts.

This past weekend, we met up with three girls (Courtney, Clara and Reena) at a friend’s birthday party. It was nice to meet them all. I’ve met Courtney before at a wedding, and it was good to see her again. Before I actually met her, I was given her blog address in a comment that she left in one of the Hai-Kuul entries. The other two girls are her friends and also have their own blogs. Their blogs are like conversations. Not necessarily professionally crafted pieces of writing (I can say this because mine is not Mordecai Richler by any stretch of the imagination), but honest dialogue about what’s going on in their lives, and what they are thinking. When you read their blogs, you get to know them enough to start an easy conversation with them, as their talking and speaking are similar. It was a fun time.

Currently, I have physically met four people from the blogosphere (the fourth being Ian, whom I met in May – referenced in a previous article). Considering that each of these live introductions went really well, I have to admit to feeling slightly giddy at this tool for making great new friends.

Indeed, quite a few people that contribute to the growing number of comments (as well as my carpal tunnel syndrome) are people with whom I think I could hang out with and have a beer or two.

When comments arrive from a new contributor, I like to read that person’s blog (if they provide a link), and see what they’re all about. I often wonder what their voices sound like, and how they speak. These thoughts spiral into another level when that person posts pictures of themselves.

Sometimes you have a particular expectation of how someone will sound based on what they look like. I know from experience that people don’t expect my voice to be the way that it is. More than once I have been told that the sound of my voice was slightly unexpected. On the flip side, I have had phone conversations with coworkers who, upon meeting me for the first time, readily admitted that they thought I was a short, fat bald guy (where they got this, I don’t know).

Another example of this duality is my friend Dave. His blog is excellent. He is an exceptionally gifted writer with a great sense of humour and talent for communication that makes me wonder why he isn’t famous yet. However, in real life, he doesn’t constantly zing the crowd with his wit. Instead, he sits back and observes what’s going on and will occasionally fire off a great one liner that will keep things lively for the rest of the evening. You would have to get to know him a bit better than casually to believe that Touch You Last is written by him. Not for lack of ability, to be sure, but for the simple reason that he is quieter in person than he is on his blog.

This difference in real personality versus blog personality intrigues me.

Does anyone else think about this kind of thing? I am interested to know if any of you have physically met folks online, and how reality may have been different than your expectations.

Don’t Track Mud In My House

I had to do something the other day that I’ve never done before: I deleted a comment from someone I don’t know.

The comment itself was innocuous enough. It simply stated that they liked the haiku writing, and they encouraged me to visit their site.

Always spurred on by curiosity, I clicked on the link, and found the oddest blog I have come across.

It was a series of entries slamming women, various races, and other groups of people.

While a racist-tinged joke told once in a while around the office or in the bar is barely tolerable, having a page of unintelligent ranting doesn’t sit well with me. I didn’t particularly appreciate the content of that page, so I erased the comment that could lead people there.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like being associated with writing like that.

To End On a Positive Note…

A few months ago I wrote about a cab driver with whom I had a great conversation. At the end of the conversation, he recommended a book called The Way to Buddhahood. I recently ordered this book, and it shall be arriving today. I’ll have to let you know how it is when I am done reading The Unfettered Mind.

9 Responses

  1. hi Jorge U deleted someone s comment coz of ther repugnant blog entries slamming women , various races n what not s. And obviously it was th most appropriate thing to do. And that should make u old fashioned ???? why should anyone think of u as old fashioned coz of that??? Anyone with a certain amount of level- headedness would do that ( provided they knw how to delete the comment..duh) irrespective of how old they are. Speaking of which,I dont think the so called good old days wer that good and all were that mentally sound n wise !! Some times th adults are more perverted than the younger folks ! Just coz some one is old doesnt make him old enough to be morally sound !!! At the same time…those considered old fashioned turns out to be th wisest of them all !!! As such I gss..ther s nothing like the older generation and the younger generation. Ther was , is and will always be a certain no of morons ; in ur generation as well as mine and its them who are old fashioned and outdated !!!! Bottom line what u did doesnt make u old fashioned !! INFACT IT SHOWS HOW YOUNG N PLEASANT UR THOUGHTS N DEEDS ARE UNLIKE THOSE PERVERTS ( both young n old ) the stench of ther hedonistic, self-gratifying, pleasure seeking, uncouth , indulgent , childish , sick and sadistic attitude is soooooo repelling that they will always remain incorrigle n old fashioned !!! thanks !!! thats all ..i gss *rolling eyes* N yea..th cab driver conversation..he he..that was th entry i read when i first visited ur space ( thx to greeneyd cat).N i must say he s verrrry young at heart too. *round of applause plz for th cab driver n for jorge for sharing th incident wth us !!!! *ovation follows* Buh byeeee jorge !!!! tc

  2. Jorge… You rock. Do you think that the comment was a clever ruse to get you to visit the site? Just so that it would throw you off enough that you would leave a nasty comment and make this person angry?? (that’s the consipracy theorist in me!) Kudos to you for doing that!! I hope that you are having a wonderful day! Linette

  3. Great post, Jorge. Re: Blogging persona… I’ve never met in person anyone I met online. But I’ve wondered what it would be like. For me personally, I feel a lot more comfortable writing than speaking…mainly because I can edit. If I write something stupid, I can delete (provided I catch it in time). If i say something stupid, well, it’s just out there. Re: Comments from a moron… Seriously? Wow, that sucks. But thank you for erasing it. I hate giving that kind of ignorance an audience. patresa

  4. Hey Jorge! Thanks for poems!! They are GREAT!!! I don’t know if I want to meet my blog friends. I once had a good friend whom I met online (this was waaaaayyy back when we were still on unix, chatting using y-talk kind stuff). We were really good friends for like 2 years, telling each other everything (yeah, back in my stupid days of completely throwing my personal info out to the big bad world). Then finally, we decided to meet and I have to say, it was really weird. In fact, afterwards, we didn’t really chat anymore and eventually lost touch. He was a nice guy but it was really odd putting a face and voice to him. I’ve met some really great ppl on msn spaces, so I don’t know if I want to risk losing friendships like that again. I am not completely objecting to meeting my blog friends in person, I’d just be v. hesitant. As for the jerk posting nasty stuff on their msn…yeah, I’m glad you deleted the post. Your blog is such a fun place for all, regardless of sex & race. You definitely don’t want ignorant immature rednecks to taint your space. Good job!!

  5. I guess I am old-fashioned, too, because I don’t even find one racist comment tolerable. I am maybe too selective when I pick people to be my friends, but certainly the way they view other people is #1 in my list of criteria.

  6. Hey Jorgie, Forgive this comment which will be rife with typos…I am typing one handed because of the melting popsicle I am trying to lick up. Which of course begs the question: how many keyboards will I have to replace this year before I stop eating at the computer? Running total so far: 4. That’s not so bad. After the first two, I’ve only been buying the cheapie ones. Funny you should mention the whole voices/blogs aspect: some people are starting to take up the new trend of audio posts on their blogs, which is strange to me since I tend to think that a blog inherently implies written words. Anyhow, one such post I recently heard was from a girl who is nice enough, but someone who writes plainly and doesn’t have much going on in her life that she considers writing about. But I was blown away by her post because she has the sexiest voice alive (of course, she has this lovely, lilting British accent…). That definitely changes things. Also, it’s a shame that you have to come across some undesirables while blogging. With the traffic I get, I have had problems with spammers and perverts alike…and have also discovered that I am linked by several porn sites, which I can do nothing about. J

  7. Jamie – Audio blogs? Weird. I kind of like the typing-ness of this medium. The ability to edit is quite important. I am not really the best typist by any stretch of the imagination (why, at this very moment, it’s taken me fifteen minutes to type up to this point -> .), so it’s great to be able to edit what I’ve made my billion mistakes on. re: jerk I suppose that by talking about this event -> someone posting a comment that led to a negative blog (for me, anyway), I have given it power. Ah well. I notice from time to time that I get trackbacks from a drug company. Anyone else find this on their blogs?

  8. Wow, good for you for deleting that. Can’t say that I have ever got one of those people commenting. So far all the people that have offered comments have been great people. I am at 8 negative comments and counting. At first I kept them, now they get tossed in the virtual garbage bin. Of the 8, not one has left a link to a site or a blog. As for meeting people in the blogosphere, I’m hard to get to know, but easy to shoot the shit with. Plus, I virtually knew you and Shellie BTB (Before the Blog), so it was like catching up to someone you hadn’t seen for a while. No big whoop. Cheers, ~ian

  9. Howdy Jorge. I don’t know about meeting ppl from the interworld… I haven’t met any as of yet. I’m a bit too scared to- in case they turn out to be psycho-stalker types. (Ah Theresa is a nut-case at times!) I don’t think my blog-persona really matches my person-persona. Half the time I write how I talk, sometimes how I think, and sometimes just to experiment with words. I think people who know me know which is which and can mostly see the me in there- but meeting me after the blog would be weird. Not for the faint of heart- lol. Don’t let the man get you down. T

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