Hai-Kuul – April 19, 2005

The Challenge Continues…

Drea sent me several requests, but a couple of them are ambiguous, so I will do my best. The first was Casper and Cobwebs, but I am not sure if she wanted those separately or not, so I will do one of the words together and one for each word. That makes three (for the math-impaired).

Casper and Cobwebs (Requested by Drea)
Casper and cobwebs
Casper is intangible
The cobwebs are not

Casper (Requested by Drea)
Casper is a ghost
Most people say he’s friendly
He’s really a jerk

Cobwebs (Requested by Drea)
You’ll find them inside
In all the basement corners
Clean your house, wanker!

This one is self explanatory, if not a little disturbing…

Drunk Tank (Requested by Drea)
People who drink lots
Will usually find that
Jail really does suck

This one has two interpretations, so…

The Rock (Requested by Drea)
There is a large man
Who likes to wrestle a lot
His eyebrows are weird

The Rock (Requested by Drea)
One must travel out
To Canada’s Eastern coast
To see where God lives

A new contributor…

April Showers (Requested by Krista)
April Showers is
What brings may flowers, they say
Well, they can eat me

Spending Too Much Money At the Bar (Requested by Krista)
Sometimes one’s money
Disappears far too quickly
Sirosis ain’t cheap

Bad Job Interviews (Requested by Krista)
Great resume? Check
Fulfill critera? Check
Wearing no pants? Shit

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.

8 Responses

  1. Hey Jorge,

    I came in thru Krista’s site after I finished telling her that I have never visited you but I see that I am wrong! I have been here before! Woohoo…damn this Community’s gettting so big!

    Anyway…can I add

    Lol…don’t call the cops, he doesn’t know yet!!!

  2. That was great Jorge!! Your awesome!!

  3. excellant idea man….and now that I’m here. I’ve got to try one. Hmmm how about BLOGO??

    Yeah man BLOGO…spit it out!! lol…

    Blog it Like it’s Hot!!!

  4. Nicely done. It’s like, so good, that I like, want to cry and stuff.

  5. Hey Jorge,
    Well apparently Krista and I are giving you a ton of work… I like them all so much that I may have to come back each week with ten more… We’ll have to make some kind of game out of it…
    Casper and Cobwebs was the name of the first song that my first (lots of first’s) band ever wrote… It has that sort of “je ne sais quoi”…kind of dark sounding… I liked your “Casper” “Hai-Kuul”, oh lardy…you’re always cracking me up! Oh and “April Showers”…ha ha ha ha ha…
    I’m now spending aproximetly 10 to 15 hours a day at the office… My mind is numb… I’m beginning to think that not getting an “hourly wage” is the pits…’cause by now, I’d be a millionaire and be sitting down with you guys over coffee, discussing last nights events… Then we’d all fly over in my private jet to NL for some Newfie steak…ah yes, the wondrous breakfast of fried up bologna… mmm…
    Cheers Jorge…and have a wonderful day… Hope it’s still in the 20’s…

  6. Just a quickie…
    He was in the german army… Although it was forced and he did end up going to prison for a short while for “leaving” (the word I’m looking for is not coming to me); before entering the priesthood.

  7. oops…forgot to give you this… ^

  8. Casper pisses me off. He should just levetate himself a coat and hat, then people will think he’s just pasty like me.

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