Sleeping is Realistic

Sleep Has Never Been So Easy to Not Get!

I spent this last Friday night and most of Saturday in a sleep clinic. It was much better than the last time, as I actually had a decent night’s sleep this past Friday night. The last time I was there was my first time, and I wasn’t used to the wires and straps they attached to me, so I had a very restless sleep.

This time was much better, as I was pretty tired to begin with, and controlled the schedule as much as I could to make sure I fell asleep as close to my normal time as possible.

The other great thing was that Mrs. J spent the day with me on Saturday, which was nice. There were four periods consisting of a half hour where I had to sit alone, in a dark room to see if I could stay awake.

That sucked.

But the rest of the time was spent watching television, or playing games. It was nice.

Three cheers for my wife!

You Call That Realistic?

I have a love of animation.

It is a pure kind of love. Not the dirty kind. Not the kind that Dave has for the Barenaked Ladies.

Animation is great because you are removing the risk of injuring people in filming of stunts. Not to mention that animation allows for a more seamless interface between people and backgrounds.

What do I mean by this? Well, let’s take Blade Trinity, for instance. A lot of the background was obviously computer generated. This goes beyond the fact that we know certain things cannot exist in our world (or can they?). The problem is that in some instances, the CGI is almost too realistic. Look at The Phantom Menace and let me know what planet would be as clean as Naboo. Seriously.

I am referring to genres like science fiction and fantasy, of course. Drama and comedy are a little different (although these have been effectively done in animation as well).

In terms of anime, movies like Ghost in the Shell or Princess Mononoke are incredible. Both have a great plot and incredible character depth.

In the end, that’s what it’s all about. You can have the most beautifully filmed movie with the best actors. But if the writing is akin to manure, then you are pretty much wasting your money on drivel.

The downside to anime is that it can be quite graphic, and the wardrobe of some of the characters is very odd. Once you get over that, it’s pretty amazing what you’ll find.

My recommendation for newcomers to anime is Blood: The Last Vampire. Perhaps not the most realistic sounding title, but it’s an exquisitely crafted adventure, and has some of the best character development and plots that I have seen in full length feature films. The animation is also amazing. Considering the piece is less than 50m in length, that’s pretty impressive!

Try some anime today! I’ll be reviewing anime movies and shows on here in the near future. I’ll also be focusing on some North American fare as well.

7 Responses

  1. Sorry Jorge, I will not be catching any anime now or ever. I am the biggest anti-fan of it ever. Quite disagreeable of me, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Not really.

    I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter how wrong they are. 😉

    Just kidding, Jay. It doesn’t appeal to a lot of people, and that’s fine with me. Leaves more for me to watch… myself?


  3. Blood : The last Vampire? Ah yes… My fellow bingers of the red stuff… I think I’d quite like to see that one…
    Why are you going to sleep clinic? Hmm… I’m just curious… I can’t help myself. I tried to force my ex-fiance to go to one because he suffered from “night terrors” (not fun, trust me)…but no, he’d rather bang into things and wake up wondering why he had a bump on his noggin’ (men…jeez…ha ha). As for myself I can’t sleep at night. Never could. Have issues with going to bed anytime before the sun comes up. I don’t know why… Maybe the monsters under my bed? Hmm…but they all seem friendly enough…LOL…
    Well darlin’ have a great day… snooze away…

  4. Sleep clinic sounds great! Can you live there? No, I guess not… 😦

  5. Thanks for the comment! I love the quote you left…Reclusivity is the propensity for silent intensity.
    It’s my new tagline! Very fitting.

  6. Hey! What’s wrong with having 8 electrodes attached to your head, 3 to your chest, 2 to your face, 2 on your legs, 2 on your arms, a belt around your ribcage, some tubes up your nose, & a blood monitor piercing your finger and then being asked to sleep so they can “monitor how you sleep”? Oh yeah, dont move and ont roll over or you’ll pull out all the connections. Yeah…um…if this is how you think I sleep, you’re nuts! Sleep tests are sooo much fun!

  7. Try Appleseed as well – amazing anime, and if you like Narudo or Ghost in the Shell, you’re going to love Appleseed! Love the haiku by the way!

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