Conversations B. Wonderful

Conversations – Not Just For Daves and Jorges Anymore

I submit to you a conversation from MSN Messenger held with one Handsome B. Wonderful (Shellie‘s man).

He’s a cool guy. He’s also quite hilarious. We get on well together, as you will see.

Click the picture to enlarge…

UPDATE (03/07/2007): Due to a server error, the image was deleted. You’ll just have to imagine how funny it was.

14 Responses

  1. I think you would look awesome with a beehive. I would pay to see that! hahahah 🙂 Cat

  2. all I can see are the pictures , but they were worth all the squinting.

  3. Hey Jorge..I think you have too much time on your hands! Kiddin’…. Tisha :.D

  4. You have to click on the picture to see the enlarged version. CLICKY CLICKY!

  5. Thats my Mattie, the artist in the family

  6. hey… my hair always looks like that;)

  7. Can we get Ian on this bandwagon? He would look superfly w/ a beehive

  8. I just had my hair buzzed, I will have to work up to a beehive…. but thanks for including me Shellie….

  9. I am speechless for once. Jorge, have you ever lived at high altitude? LOL Kelly

  10. I have featured you in my lastest section ” Sunday Showcase” I hope you don’t mind! you are the first to be showcased! Yay! Kelly

  11. Just popped over from Kelly’s space. That’s a great convo. Have a great day! Cheers!

  12. Found you from Kelly’s space. Love your pictures! Cassie

  13. oh btw, dont forget to check out the new random thoughts section, you and Ian should have a blast with this one LOL Kelly

  14. Nice. ‘least I’m not the only one who get cracked up MSN convos

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