Quandry Questions

In a Quandry

So here’s the scoop.

My wife (also known as Mrs. Hai-Kuul, Mrs. Jorge and Your Wife) and I are trying to figure out where to go on a vacation before the end of the year.

There are 3 conditions…

  • It has to be a warm place
  • It can’t be too expensive
  • We only have seven business days left that we can take as vacation days

We’ve considered a cruise. The problem is the expense. If we were to go for our first time we’d want a really great room with a balcony. But those are mucho dinero. Even though I’ve been told that the food is amazing, the alcohol is not free.

Vegas is also on the short list. The question is, what is the weather like at the end of November in Vegas and the surrounding area?

We’ve also considered an all-inclusive resort. This seems to be leading the pack right now. A little bit of sacrifice in terms of food (not as good as cruise or Vegas gourmet restaurants), but the alcohol would be free.

Any ideas, folks? The sooner you can give us an idea, the better!*

The Questions

I tend to get a lot of questions in my comments sections.

Some of the questions are…

  • How do you think up this stuff?
  • Where do you get all your haiku ideas?
  • Are those conversations real?
  • Is Dave really as handsome as we think he is?**

I was wondering if people had any other questions that they might want to ask, as I was thinking about answering some of the more frequently asked ones.

* – Cornwall would only be an option if Jamie was still living there.
** – Indeed. Dave is a hunky, hunky man. But not as hunky as Kris with her faux mutton chops.

20 Responses

  1. hmm… I think that you should go to California; the weather is be-u-t-ful and the american to canadian dollar is at an all time low. Perfect for crossing the border! I’m assuming that my hai-kuul stardom has shrunk. I will have to start coming up with some more for you shortly. Oh and I will have you know that your lovely pictures did travel with me and are now hanging in the living room in frames for all eyes to feast upon. :), Drea

  2. Stipulation #4 – Can’t go into crazy debt on this one. Cat, you are sweet. However, I doubt that i’ll be rich from any of my stuff anytime in the near future.

  3. Well, I work in Travel Insurance, I dont know were that resort is but try to stay away from mexico, Paticularily Cozumel and Cancun. They have been hit pretty bad with a hurricane and considering hurricane season is not over and the current trend, that entire area should be avoided. Vegas is a good bet right now ( pardon the pun) and I have always wanted to take a cruise, the good thing about them is that if there is hurricane conditions they will just take you somewhere else. You might keep this in mind too, because if you have your heart set on a specific destination the cruiselines reserve the right to change it for the safety of their passengers. I say VEgas BAby! I have to think up a few good questions for you.. be back lata! Kelly

  4. Hey how about one of those packages to go down south (Cuba or Mexico)…one that includes a nice resort by the beach? I think you can get some pretty sweet deals online…?? I was looking at a few last X’mas but never got a chance to go.

  5. Ooops! I guess Mexico is no good…didn’t see Kelly’s post. Well, for me, I love the resort idea…and I thought a resort by the beach would be really nice and romantic for you and your wife. 🙂

  6. one of my most travelled (over 10 times) and fav spots in this world is the island of St.Martin. don’t know how it fairs as expense… but i wouldn’t do an all inclusive on that island. it’s a beautiful place, half french, half dutch, with some really great food. it’s just got a nice feel with it’s own lil culture. at any rate, where ever you and the mrs go, i’m certain will be a nice pick!

  7. Last two times Jenn and I went south, we booked with exit.ca; got great rates. Last trip was Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, which I think is mostly out of the hurricane blast zone, at the Ocean Sands Beach & Golf resort (or something close to that) which we’d both recommend. It was about $1000 per person, taxes included, for a five star resort for a week, booked six weeks in advance. That fifth star seems to make a big difference in food quality. There were three gourmet restaurants on the resort (but you have to pay extra for them 😦 ) in addition to the five regular all-inclusive ones which had great meals. If that’s still break-the-bank realm, I’m sure a good vacation can be had for a less. I think it’s all about attitude. 🙂 Happy hunting! 🙂

  8. All about attitude… And… Money… 🙂 Been to Punta Cana.

  9. Dude… two words…. CU BA… ok… that’s one word… but hey, whaddya want? It’s one AM! There are some VERY good deals on all-inclusive packages there, if you’re willing to look around a bit. My Dad and I almost went, (fell through last minute) but if you do one of those, pack a bag and wait for the flight thingys… you can get a GREAT deal! Good luck! And have fun!! These are the TOUGH choices in life, eh Womanizer H Jorge? Ha ha ha… 😉

  10. DC it is, then! FYI – re: muttons, in the U.S. we call them faups.

  11. i’m a little biased here, cuz i just came back from my holiday, but i’d say Costa Rica. you hit up the west coast, like in Montezuma or Mal Pais, and you’ve got some nice places to stay for a reasonable price. you don’t really need that much spanish (cuz people kinda understand) and you should be able to get some good surf, warm weather and lots of cheap booze while you’re at it. hm… Panama was freaking nice as well… Bocas Del Toro. i stayed in a place for $6.50 (US) and it was right on the water! the beaches were great, the food was good and the people were extremely friendly and nice there! wherever you go, i’m sure you’re gonna have a great time!

  12. You’ve read my Cancun stories – the hotel I went to was great – and cheap. And, I only paid $1500 for eight days, everything was all-inclusive, and the food was great. It’s only about $500 more for another person, and that includes airfare. So you and your lovely Mrs. Jorge could go for a week to the tropics and only be down $2000!! Sounds like a good deal to me. (I’m booking my trip for next summer now, too.)

  13. I read the comment about Costa Rica – I went there last year, and it was great. Pretty cheap, too, considering where you stay, etc. If you do decide to do Costa Rica – my recommendations are : 1. Go to the Monteverde rainforest and do the ‘zip-line tour’. Breathtakingly beautiful, and fun! Also, in the town of Monteverde, eat at the ‘El Sapo Dorado’ restaurant. Super great, I had filet mignon stuffed with cheese for about $17. (My friends had beef tongue that they loved, if you’re into that sort of thing.) 2. Go to the volcano at La Fortuna, and swim in the hot springs underneath, which are heated by the lava. Super cool. 3. Go to Playa Hermosa, which is a black sand beach where world-famous surfers come to practice, because there are massive waves there. It would be good eye candy for Mrs. Jorge, and there is a little restaurant there called ‘Restaurante Jammin’ which serves this incredible ‘Marley Special’ which is some sort of fish with shrimp and it is incredible and super cheap. 4. If you find yourself in San Jose, go to the ‘La Moon’ restaurant. Awesome wines and food. 5. Try to visit a farm, where they will grow bananas and coffee. It’s weird how bananas grow, and I loved going to the farm. Plus, coffee doesn’t look anything like you would expect in it’s natural state. Hope this helps!

  14. Hmmm…. I’d put a vote in for Vegas, but only because I’m trying to talk Dave into going. (We might be there in the spring.) And while I appreciate your genetic offer, and Dave is very open minded, he does like me very much as a girl and so do I. 🙂 I’ll just have to freeze a bit this winter.

  15. Dude, Cornwall is NEVER an option.

  16. i’m taking courtney’s advice on costa rica. sounds fabu. and i’m leaving now.

  17. So sunny Calgary is out then? I always tell people to go to Spain- I love Spain- and it’s not as bad as the rest of Europe as far as expensiveness goes. You can still get a cheapo flight to London and discount plane it to Barcelona for cheap cheap cheap. California is nice too- there are some cute and relaxing small towns on the beaches- check out Cayucous and Templeton. Or of course San Fran… Oh to have this quandry!

  18. I would vote for either Northern CA (I’m from there) or Vegas, myself! Vegas is hit or miss around this time of year, weather-wise. We went one December a few years ago, and man-alive, it was chilly. Especially at night. The days weren’t too cold, from what I remember. But it was definitely jacket weather. But come on, you’ll be inside most of the time trying to double your paycheck, so you won’t even notice the weather. Plus, dude, FREE DRINKS WHILE GAMBLING. And the buffets are cheap. You could stuff yourself enough at one to get by on one meal a day. CA around this time is much the same…I think it tends to be in the 50s-60s during the day, maybe the 40s at night, or even a little cooler than that after the fog rolls in in SF. But with those two places, you can’t go wrong!

  19. Vegas is cold in November. Trust me on this. California is nice but Northern Cali is cold unless they are experiencing an “Indian Summer.” So far this year that hasn’t happened. I used to go to Cayucos every year (Hey Theresa! *s*) and it is a sleepy little beach town made up of San Luis Obispo throw-ups and Portuguese fishermen. It’s very charming but it can also be quick chilly at night and sometimes cooler during the day. It’s lovely and inexpensive. You can travel up the coast of Cali from there. Go to Hearst Castle, etc… If you decide to go to this area… we must email. I know it like the back of my hand and can give you all of the local favorite hang outs! (Hot-tubbing under California oak trees and the stars! For only ten bucks an hour.) My money is on Arizona. It’s still warm there this time of year and there are some fabulous resorts there. However, it is high season in Arizona right now and can get expensive… depending on the resort. Of all of the suggestions, this one did not come up but I believe it to be the warmest one. You could also drive into Mexico for the day which can be really fun. I lived in Az for 14 years. Let me know if you decide on this as well… I’m a regular tour guide.. LOL Q

  20. Go to Saint Augustine Florida Forty Five minutes South of Jacksonville (and Orange Park, a very nice Suburb where you can stay for rather reasonable costs if Saint. A. is too “expensive”…) It’s the oldest city in America. It’s in Florida which I personally find detestible but for S.A. it’s worth it. Very Historical, Romantic, “European-Like” and has a 500 year old spanish fort. Very, Very, Very nice. If you rent a car, you’ll feel very comfortable lots of Canadians on the roads down there…. (tourists and snowbirds..) 🙂 Nearly always warm this time of year and beats a cruise hands down. I am posting pictures sometime today (or this week when I can) of Saint Augustine. Used to live in Jax so I’d go down there at leaast once a week. It’s a must see! http://http://www.oldcity.com/ My two cents worth. sol-

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