Hai-Kuul – November 22, 2005

Ian‘s Lump of Coal (Requested by CanadughGurl)
Ian thinks his words
Are not worth anyone’s time
He is very wrong

Wax On, Wax Off (Requested by CanadughGurl)
Daniel-San must learn
That the mundane and boring
Can become deadly

The Spork (Requested by CanadughGurl)
A spoon or a fork?
It sits on top of the fence
Content to be both

Cramps (Requested by kris)
Pain that can be felt
Directly by all women
By proxy for men

Thesis Writing (Requested by Beth)
It’s a lonely road
This path of academics
What am I doing?

Bethcentricity (Requested by Beth)
Wait with bated Beth
Have some peppermint Beth mints
I am short of Beth

Cuba, Baby!!! (Requested by Mrs. Hai-Kuul)
It has been too long
Since we took a vacation
That was backpack-free

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