Hai-Kuul – November 02, 2005

The Color “Blue” (Requested by little_lady_417)
The colour of depth
Blue is cool like the winter
Sadness as colour

Bananas (Requested by little_lady_417)
Interesting herb
The delight of all monkeys
Don’t slip on the peel!

Traffic Jams (Requested by little_lady_417)
Impeded traffic
Slowly flowing river of
Metal molasses

Online Dating (Requested by little_lady_417)
Even with photos
You never know what you’ll find
Worse odds than roulette

Autumn (Requested by little_lady_417)
Shadows grow long as
The tree branches catch the end
Of summer’s bright flame

Kangaroos (Requested by little_lady_417)
These be odd creatures
They leap with comedic grace
Pockets full of kids

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