Cuba Christian Mission

Off to Cuba

So we’re off to Cuba for the week!

It should be nice. We haven’t had a real vacation in a few years.

All of our vacations usually involve carting around canoes and backpacks, cooking in the rain on a campstove, and going to the can in outhouses.

It will be nice to relax. Not sure if I will be visiting blogland, but if not, please enjoy!

Thanks to Christian

Christian, thanks for taking care of things while we are gone. You rock. Don’t forget to catch up on the adventures of our favourite Ronin, Jin and Mugen.

So, Christian is doing his part to support Barking Space. Now, I have an assignment for the rest of you….

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it

Some friends and I were having a debate. We were trying to figure out which group was cooler: Pirates or Ninjas.

Your assignment is to write me an essay in the comments field stating which group you think is cooler and why.

I figure that if I’m not around to update my blog, everyone else should pick up the slack so people who visit have something to read.

Whatever you write will most likely be better than the tripe that I usually write anyway!