Cuba Christian Mission

Off to Cuba

So we’re off to Cuba for the week!

It should be nice. We haven’t had a real vacation in a few years.

All of our vacations usually involve carting around canoes and backpacks, cooking in the rain on a campstove, and going to the can in outhouses.

It will be nice to relax. Not sure if I will be visiting blogland, but if not, please enjoy!

Thanks to Christian

Christian, thanks for taking care of things while we are gone. You rock. Don’t forget to catch up on the adventures of our favourite Ronin, Jin and Mugen.

So, Christian is doing his part to support Barking Space. Now, I have an assignment for the rest of you….

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it

Some friends and I were having a debate. We were trying to figure out which group was cooler: Pirates or Ninjas.

Your assignment is to write me an essay in the comments field stating which group you think is cooler and why.

I figure that if I’m not around to update my blog, everyone else should pick up the slack so people who visit have something to read.

Whatever you write will most likely be better than the tripe that I usually write anyway!



16 Responses

  1. Why Ninjas are Cooler Than Pirates…….by missbhavens

    Although pirates do have a baseball team named after them, it should not mislead people into thinking that they are actually cooler than ninjas. They are not. If there was a team called The Ninjas, they would surely kick the pirates’ booties (pun intended). Lets examine further:

    First pirate issue? Frilly shirts. This is just terribly sad. You can’t crank-up your machismo level with a peg-leg or an eye-patch if you’re wearing one of those lacy numbers. And those St. Pepper coats, while nicely embroidered, can be quite heavy and cumbersome. They’re bad for hardcore fighting. One should never go into battle looking like the lead singer from Quarterflash. Ninjas, on the other hand, in their lightweight rayon jammies, look sleek and dangerous. Plus, it’s slimming. No one doesn’t look good in black. All the better to scale walls and aim high-kicks at your nose.

    Second point: Stealth and grace. Ninjas are like human snakes. They can get into anything, crawl up unto high places, and stay quiet to get the job done. History has shown that a sneak attack is your best option. What do pirates do? Pirates sidle their great big ship up against your great big ship, yell “arrrrgh!” at the top of their lungs and hop on board, swords drawn. If your ship somehow gets attacked by pirates, you almost certainly deserved it for not paying close enough attention. This is why telescopes were invented. Get it together, seafaring peoples!

    Lastly, there’s the mission statement. Pirates are somewhat disenfranchised by their lack of a clear mission statement. Every corporation ought to have one. How can you command respect when no one can tell if you’re getting the job done because no one is sure what your job IS? What’ll it be? Pillaging? Hijacking? Kidnapping? Mischief-making? Treasure hunting? Rum cartel? If you are a pirate and your kid brings you to school for Daddy Day and you say “I’m a pirate”, the tikes aren’t necessarily going to know what you do for a living. If you are a ninja, however, you have one task and one task only. Kill. Case closed. Simple. Elegant. Tidy. No walking the plank, no tying your enemy’s sister to the mast for sport, no frilly damn shirt, no parrot sidekick. Just you and your black PJs dealing out permanent sleep.

    Ninja: There Is No Substitute.

  2. Ok. Darling. I swore off essays the day I graduated school. So I will just summarize….

    Johnny Depp.

    Enough said.


    Hope you’re having fun in Cuba… while the rest of us are walking our dogs in open back shoes with no socks in what seems like a foot of snow.
    I REALLY need to break out the winter wear.
    (I’m such a kid at heart)

  3. Pirates have a bad rap – I view it as more of a lack of a good PR team more than anything else. Ninjas got the whole “hollywood” treatment – much love from the commercialisation, while piracy still held this taint of dirty, nasty habits and evil people. Not that they weren’t, just that they haven’t had the spin doctors take their side yet. This is changing though – as per Pirates of the Caribbean and other recent sugary representations of piratical life, the move is afoot to generate positive views of pirates and their ilk.

    Plus, there’s the need to define exactly WHAT pirates you are talking about – in general, or specific ones (i.e. Barbary, freebooters, etc…)

    Enjoy the trip, but I have to put my money on the pirates.



    Ninjas are cooler.

    That’s it. I have no essay to write, so I’m not going to comment, really.

    Shampoo is cool, though.

    The End.

  5. Just so people know what “Shampoo” is:

    Mrs. Jorge likes to make fun of the name because she thinks it’s dumb.

  6. I promise to participate… Just wanted to stop by and wish you guys a safe and wonderful Cuba trip!

  7. Jorge.. I didn’t know that you thought Johnny Depp was hot…why did you share this with Becky and not with me?? *sigh*

    I’m not sure if I have the brain power of the energy to write an essay about anything…..I’ve got some time to think though.

    I hope you and T have a wonderful vacation! I’m envious. 🙂

    Take Care,

  8. Enjoy Cuba – hope those Pirate dorks don’t get in the way of your vacation. Any man who willingly wears frilly shirts had better be a member of the Rolling Stones

  9. Jorge.
    I am in a dillema with your whole.. which is cooler Pirates or Ninjas.
    I was raised by ninjas, but always wanted to be a pirate.
    so I dont know where to put my allegiance.. with my dear family, clad in black spandexy outfits,
    or with who I feel I am inside.. a swashbuckling young lass with a sword and eye patch, donned with many a tattoo.
    what to do!!
    Scottish Vixen sounds much more like a Pirate name too.
    I think we know where this is leading.


    PS: Have hella fun times in Cuba. and Im off to Finnish reading your novel.

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  11. Hey sorry got your post mixed up…. forgive me – unless you want to change your name to amber.. i’ll give you options, as you can see i’m trying to get the word out so i hope you like the spaces

  12. Hmmm… this IS a difficult task indeed!

    I find myself torn… being a proud OWNER of a “puffy” shirt… doesn’t anyone remember when these were popular for… about an HOUR… when I was in high school? We called them “Artisan shirts”… and since then, I’ve dressed as a pirate for Halloween approximately a hundred times. I also enjoy using pirate Language, eg: “Yahhhaaaarrr, Matey!” and “Arrrrr….” and don’t forget, “Swab the decks ye scurvy sea dogs!”

    Ninjas however… are pretty slick, as a whole. They even have a very interesting web-site put together by an over-zealous fan… I HIGHLY recommend checking this out… 🙂

    If this was a question of who would win in a FIGHT… there would pretty much be no question… Ninjas are deadly assassins… they would win. But instead the question is who is COOLER… I think in this case I would have to go with Pirates. As a GROUP, pirates cover a more diverse cross-section of evil-doers… There’s the captain, the crazy-one, the silent guy, and the young one… at least! Usually there’s even more, until they meet up with good guys and start getting thrown off the ship and dying and stuff.

    As far as I know, Ninjas pretty much all dress alike… and none of them has a Parrot on their shoulder, or a peg-leg, or a hook for a hand…

    Nope. Pirates are cooler.

    End of story.

  13. Essay no. Pirates yes.
    Lately I’ve been letting my fists do the talking 😉
    And my hands are healed- hence the comment.

    Glad to hear all is going well J!

  14. Why Pirates are much better then Ninja’s!

    I have been a pirate wench for the past three summers! (Anyone who knows me can vouch that this is the truth!) I have seen people of all ages cheer on the pirates against all good. Pirate’s are cunning and sexy and not afraid to show there face in a fight! A pirate will always win because there are no rules of engagment, they will fight dirty and win by doing so! They make women swoon and men want to be them! They represent everything that is wrong in society and it just makes them that much more appealing! Plus all girls secretly want to be with the bad boy! 😉

    Plus as hot as Johnny Depp is he has nothing on the Pirate King!!! How many operas have been written about Ninja’a?

  15. I just moved this article to my new blog and noticed the last comment.

    Whoever said operas are cool?

    Point: Ninjas

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