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Conversations – Shellie Speaks!

Not wanting to be outdone by her own fiancée, Shellie has come up with her own shtick*.

Shellie rocks like no other Bostonian. She is awesome. Her and Handsome B. Wonderful are getting married this week, so wish them well! They’re planning on having Geddy Lee as the minister, and the lead singer of Metallica will be giving Shellie away.


I was kidding about that.

It’s actually going to be Don Cherry.

Click the picture to enlarge…

UPDATE (03/07/2007): Due to a server error, the image was deleted. You’ll just have to imagine how funny it was.

* – No offence was meant to any groups referred to in this post. Especially the Oompa Loompas. They’re creepy, and I hear they hold murderous grudges…