Conversations With Bostonians

Conversations – Shellie Speaks!

Not wanting to be outdone by her own fiancée, Shellie has come up with her own shtick*.

Shellie rocks like no other Bostonian. She is awesome. Her and Handsome B. Wonderful are getting married this week, so wish them well! They’re planning on having Geddy Lee as the minister, and the lead singer of Metallica will be giving Shellie away.


I was kidding about that.

It’s actually going to be Don Cherry.

Click the picture to enlarge…

UPDATE (03/07/2007): Due to a server error, the image was deleted. You’ll just have to imagine how funny it was.

* – No offence was meant to any groups referred to in this post. Especially the Oompa Loompas. They’re creepy, and I hear they hold murderous grudges…

16 Responses

  1. I still can’t read it. Maybe it’s a literacy issue and not a computer one.

  2. It’s interesting to read others conversations lol Gives another side to the personality lol You ‘n midgets, never would have guessed, Jorge 😉 *hugs* Karen

  3. CLICK ON IT! 🙂

  4. Hello Jorge, Thank you for the visit to my site. I must admit I have visited yours before as well! My computers (work & home) seem to enjoy crashing on me when I visit other people’s spaces and try to leave comments. Anyway, I am dying to learn how to canoe! I want to be able to go to remote places and be secluded. Luckily I have done this by power boat, but I want to do it without machines! As for Halifax, it takes a hard person to endure the Winter here sometimes, but the life is great. Most Haligonians are friendly and you can have a great time in Halifax. I can go on, but I will have to write a blog about the fun stuff in Halifax because there are too many things to list. Take care, Adrienne p.s. the island Captian Kidd buired his stash is off limits to the public now. But you can tresspass and it’s not really an island now. It has a dirt road leading to it. The island is Oak Island. If you want to know more, let me know.

  5. Now I want to see a piture of you in a beehive hairdoo with midgets! hehehe 🙂 Congrats to Shellie & Mattie! 🙂

  6. Dude, that was so not pc.

  7. It was not MAC either. It’s platform independent.

  8. even I groaned at that one . . .

  9. Hello just dropping in to check out ur space and your very nice photographs. I got here through Kelly’s space with her Sunday Showcase. Have a wonderful evening, take care. Lynn

  10. hihi sent by kelly… dont you love great friends like her? *winks* michy

  11. IM pretty sure Oompa Loompas are in fact the scariest creature ever created. and they ate too many carrots. and…. you are definitely sexy enough for midgets. you are of course ‘The Handsome Man’ ~Leah~

  12. I should really have my morning coffee before visiting! LOL, its even funnier when your not fully awake dude. Kelly (still laughing)

  13. I miss having MSN at work, and the witty banter between Halifax – Toronto – and Beantown… And Congrats to Shellie… Our girl is all grown up now. Snif*

  14. Does the SPCA cover Oompa Loompas?

  15. LOL too funny! 🙂 Yay! Someone else (your dad) with the same birthday as me! I haven’t found many. Have a great day! Cassie

  16. “little people” *grins* Q

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