Quandry Questions

In a Quandry

So here’s the scoop.

My wife (also known as Mrs. Hai-Kuul, Mrs. Jorge and Your Wife) and I are trying to figure out where to go on a vacation before the end of the year.

There are 3 conditions…

  • It has to be a warm place
  • It can’t be too expensive
  • We only have seven business days left that we can take as vacation days

We’ve considered a cruise. The problem is the expense. If we were to go for our first time we’d want a really great room with a balcony. But those are mucho dinero. Even though I’ve been told that the food is amazing, the alcohol is not free.

Vegas is also on the short list. The question is, what is the weather like at the end of November in Vegas and the surrounding area?

We’ve also considered an all-inclusive resort. This seems to be leading the pack right now. A little bit of sacrifice in terms of food (not as good as cruise or Vegas gourmet restaurants), but the alcohol would be free.

Any ideas, folks? The sooner you can give us an idea, the better!*

The Questions

I tend to get a lot of questions in my comments sections.

Some of the questions are…

  • How do you think up this stuff?
  • Where do you get all your haiku ideas?
  • Are those conversations real?
  • Is Dave really as handsome as we think he is?**

I was wondering if people had any other questions that they might want to ask, as I was thinking about answering some of the more frequently asked ones.

* – Cornwall would only be an option if Jamie was still living there.
** – Indeed. Dave is a hunky, hunky man. But not as hunky as Kris with her faux mutton chops.