Cuban Computers?

Hola From Cuba

Yes, that’s right.

I can’t tear myself away from the internet no matter where I go.

Things are going really well here down south. It’s quite relaxing. We’ve resolved to pretty much stay on the compound for our trip. Excursions out to the other cities are costly and I feel kind like a hypocrite going around someone else’s country, looking at poverty, only to be staying at a resort at the end of the day.

Our housekeeper is awesome. Very sweet.

The food is much better than what people tell me, but then, I’m not such a picky person to begin with. That or I have really sensitive taste buds that make the bland taste good.

Anyhow, hope y’all are surviving up North. I’ll be visiting a few blogs, but only because time is limited.



PS: Don’t forget your assignment! Read the previous entry for more details!