Hai-Kuul – November 02, 2005

The Color “Blue” (Requested by little_lady_417)
The colour of depth
Blue is cool like the winter
Sadness as colour

Bananas (Requested by little_lady_417)
Interesting herb
The delight of all monkeys
Don’t slip on the peel!

Traffic Jams (Requested by little_lady_417)
Impeded traffic
Slowly flowing river of
Metal molasses

Online Dating (Requested by little_lady_417)
Even with photos
You never know what you’ll find
Worse odds than roulette

Autumn (Requested by little_lady_417)
Shadows grow long as
The tree branches catch the end
Of summer’s bright flame

Kangaroos (Requested by little_lady_417)
These be odd creatures
They leap with comedic grace
Pockets full of kids

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.

7 Responses

  1. There aren’t enough puns in these. I’ll return when they do. 😉

  2. Thanks. I really wondered if you would be able to come up with anything, but those are quite acceptable *two thumbs up* Have a great day! TTFN:)

  3. Since the Hai-Kuul Rush of Ought Five, I have been regulating them a bit more. I tend to use them as filler when I don’t have
    – enough material to justify writing a new entry
    – time to write a new entry – 30000 ninjas chasing after me

    So yes, while I do take a while to get to them now, I DO get to them.

  4. Wow…blue made me blue reading… And you are the first person in history to use metal and molasses in the same sentence. Take that back…second, I heard that a man in Ecum Secum Nova Scotia used molasses in place of his welding torch, which he misplaced after a rather amorous roll in the hay with his neighbour down the street. After the barn caught on fire, he was left only with a tub of molasses, and loads of metalwork to be done. Watching Red Green’s use of duct tape for home improvement projects, he envisions great things for his tub of molasses. We forever refer to him as the molasses metal worker.

  5. hmm online dating, worse odds than roulette. Well I guess I got lucky, my husband and I met online 9 years ago, and we’ve been married 3 years now. Thats how I ended up in Connecticut. LOL. Glad to hear that you had a great meeting with Kris. Canadian food is just Canadian food, I think that the only food original to canada would be the Tortiere and Poutine. I was thinking about our Love for Lord of the rings in and was wondering if you have ever ready anything by Terry Brooks. I have been reading the High Druid Of Shannara and its Excellent! After reading the Lord of the rings I never thought that I would find another story that would capture my attention but Terry Brooks is quite good too. anyhoo, hope all is well with you, haven’t seen ya around in a while. Hugs kelly

  6. Haikus are like an old friend.

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