Hai-Kuul – May 30, 2005

Spit Up On My Shoulder (Requested by Hezmann)
What did I just feel?
Baby’s head is next to mine
Did I pat too hard?

Bra Strap is Showing (Requested by Hezmann)
People are staring
I cannot figure out why
Something in my teeth?

Pants On Backwards (Requested by Hezmann)
Things just don’t feel right
When seated I feel an urge
To flip right over

Dry Cereal (Requested by Hezmann)
Crunchy corn and rice
Flakes of goodness in my bowl
I’d rather have beef

LCBO is Closed (Requested by Hezmann)
How now shall I get my fix
For my precious booze?

Split My Pants (Requested by Hezmann)
I crouched down to see
Something I saw on the road
Underpants saw light

Lost My Balance (Requested by Hezmann)
I took a tumble
As I walked across a stream
In my moccasins

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One Response

  1. Cool. Once when Jasmine was a baby, she spit up on Terry’s shoulder in the morning and he wore the shirt to work anyway. Said it was his “badge of honour.” I said, “It just looks like your shirt is dirty.” 🙂

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