Hai-Kuultest – Part Three

The 250th haiku is fast approaching. It is time for another contest to celebrate the milestone.

The contest will be similar to the last one. Check out the rules below…

Starting today, at 13:00 EST, I will be taking requests for Hai-Kuul. The 25th request wins. The rules are as follows…

  • The request must be made in the Hai-Kuul post on the sidebar as a comment. Any other Hai-Kuul request will not be counted as an entry, but I will create a Haiku for it regardless.
  • You cannot submit more than one request at a time. Thus five requests in the same comment only count as one entry.
  • You cannot submit more than one comment in a row at a time. Thus, if you were to submit two comments in a row, it would only count as one entry.
  • The Request must be original. No duplicates (which means you have to read the other ones). Duplicate requests will be deleted.
  • The winner of the last contest cannot win this time. However, that person may contribute suggestions, and their entries will count towards the 25 entries. Should this person submit the 25th entry, the 26th will be the winner.
  • No members of my family are eligible for this. Any request from my family will be ignored (I will still write a haiku for the request though).
  • To receive the prize (there is only one), you must be able to provide me with a mailing address.

The 250th Haiku may or may not occur due to this contest. If it does, it is a happy coincidence.

The prize for the 25th requestor will be an 8×10 glossy limited print (1/20) of a Morning Sky in Algonquin Park (on 8.5×11 Canon Professional Photo Paper)…

Good luck!

UPDATE (June 06, 2005): This contest is now closed.

Hai-Kuul – May 30, 2005

Spit Up On My Shoulder (Requested by Hezmann)
What did I just feel?
Baby’s head is next to mine
Did I pat too hard?

Bra Strap is Showing (Requested by Hezmann)
People are staring
I cannot figure out why
Something in my teeth?

Pants On Backwards (Requested by Hezmann)
Things just don’t feel right
When seated I feel an urge
To flip right over

Dry Cereal (Requested by Hezmann)
Crunchy corn and rice
Flakes of goodness in my bowl
I’d rather have beef

LCBO is Closed (Requested by Hezmann)
How now shall I get my fix
For my precious booze?

Split My Pants (Requested by Hezmann)
I crouched down to see
Something I saw on the road
Underpants saw light

Lost My Balance (Requested by Hezmann)
I took a tumble
As I walked across a stream
In my moccasins

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.