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Hai-Kuul – May 12, 2005

Once A Day (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
Wake up in the morn
Have a shower and get dressed
Take your vitamins

Just Snuggle It (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
Soft and so fuzzy
A throwback to your childhood
That silly old bear

Pearl (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
Oysters: So funny
Creating beauty out of
An irritation

If I Was a Rich Girl (Requested by St-Martini-of-the-Vodka)
I’d have the best clothes
I’d have an ample bosom
That sounds about right

American Chopsy (Requested by Princess Castle)
First word: From a place
Second word: Some British Slang
Merged: A stir-fry dish

So Simple! (Requested by Princess Castle)
A question was asked:
What do you get when you take
One and add one more

This one wrote itself…

A Dog’s Tale About It’s Long Black Rat-Like Tail (Requested by Princess Castle)
Once upon a time
A dog had a long black and
Rat-like tail. The end.

That’s Not Love! (Requested by Princess Castle)
You really like her
Not for any deep reasons

The Drunken Monkey (Requested by Princess Castle)
Poor little monkey
He had too much to drink and
Now has a headache

Messy Mush (Requested by Princess Castle)
Dried oats in a bowl
Add a lot of water and
Jell-O for kicks. Stir

Asshat (Requested by Princess Castle)
What is another
Word for a stupid moron?
Asshat is that word

I Hate Forwards Who Don’t Backcheck (Requested by Ian)
Before you click send
Make sure you check to see if
Everyone is new

Got the Hill Street Blues (Requested by Ian)
When I’m feeling blue
I’ll get the Shellie to sing
Her favourite song

Angry Lumberjacks (Requested by Ian)
Those poor axe-wielders
They suffer from too many
Jokes about beavers

Nutmeg (Requested by St-Martini-of-the-Vodka)
A wonderful treat
To sprinkle on top of a
Nice cup of egg nog

Rich Beyond All Recognition (Requested by Dave)
He had so much cash
And he gained so much fame that
All forgot his face

Roy? ROY?!? (Requested by Dave)
Fixing the aircraft
I went to school with that man
A long time ago

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Figtionary – May 12, 2005

asshat (Requested by princess_castle)

  1. Function: noun – Idiot. Moron. A being devoid of intelligence, only worthy to be made into a hat (preferably with feathers) worn by a donkey (preferably without feathers) – Usage: Sometimes, when I’m walking down the street, I will see an asshat littering the sidewalk with their candy wrappers.

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