Thanks For Calling!

You have reached Jorge’s Blog. I’m not here right now. So leave your name and your comment at the emoticon and I will get back to you as soon as I return…

You read it correctly. I’m off on a camping trip, and so I will be away from my Blog. Odd how I actually feel obliged to tell everyone this…

Anyhow, keep leaving your comments! Remember, the contest for Hai-Kuul is still on!

Have a great weekend!

11 Responses

  1. Jedi Academy and Drinking, not one part of that I don’t like.

  2. Have a great time! 🙂 We’ll miss you. 😦

  3. Hey Jorge! I know…downers….I don’t often post like that, but I needed to vent. It was cathartic for me…..Thanks for cheering me up though!!! Have a great trip! Linette

  4. have a fun trip! i finished my blasted report, asshat. thank you for your gentle proddings. 🙂 patresa

  5. Have a good time Jorge pronounced George… Be sure to save your liver for next week 😉 Cheers buddy, ~ian

  6. Hi Jorge, its The Shellie. Hope the camping trip was swell, and looking for caping related hai-kuuls. Hope you remembered your thermal undies!!

  7. have a great weekend! thanks for stopping by and giving me a pep talk.. lol.. much appreciated 😉

  8. Happy Camping!! And congrats on you photography!

  9. Greetings & Health. Have a great trip Jorge. Have a blast! I look forward to seein’ yer pix. MM

  10. Well Jorge, I hope that you and your wife have an amazing time. There’s nothing like taking days off for yourself and enjoying the good old outdoors. I haven’t done it in oh, say hmm…a couple of months (it’s the west coast, you can practically camp year round). So you’ll just have to fill me in on the minute details of your camping trip and I will try to live vicariously through your description. Hope that you had a great weekend hun… Cheers, Drea

  11. (Picture Frankenstein)
    F> Whhhheeerrrreeee’s Joooorrrrggggeee?
    Me> Dude I haven’t got a clue; but he did leave me a message the other day so I’m expecting him back soon.
    Me> Calm down or your bolts will pop out!
    F> I’mmm ggoooiiinnnggg tooo suuuuckkk yyouuurrr bllloooodddd
    Me> Yah, you’ve entered the wrong novel; the door to the “Dracula” convention is just around the corner.
    Me> See jorge? Saved you from needing a transfusion. You owe me. Get back to blogging… Smile, Drea (p.s it’s early and I’m crazy…:)…)

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