Hai-Kuul – May 17, 2005

Synopsis of Jorge’s Weekend Trip (Requested by St-Martini-of-the-Vodka)
Slept in a cottage
Fished and drank and had some chats
Saw Hitchhiker’s too!

The Cat Came Back (Requested by Drea)
Where did her cat go?
She didn’t know, and was sad.
But now the cat’s back

Bodhi’s Home (Requested by Drea)
That little furball
She was worried sick, poor girl
Now she’s ecstatic

Friskies Time (Requested by Drea)
You must be hungry
Wandering around out there
Eat, you little scamp!

Black Fluff (Requested by Drea)
For a little while
I forgot what it was like
Picking fur off floors

Flea Bag (Requested by Drea)
Now that the cat’s back
I now seem to have itching!
The cat dragged in fleas

In Love (Requested by Drea)
It’s funny how much
You take your love for granted
Until you lose it

Little Miracles (Requested by Drea)
It’s hard to explain
Exactly what happened ‘ere
The second coming

How Dreams Die (Requested by St-Martini-of-the-Vodka)
I know the truth now
Dreams don’t die, they are murdered
By skepticism

Shine Like the Sea (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
You’re the only one
Who has captured my heart with
Your shining blue eyes

First Sunburn (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
I could make up tales
Of my first burn. Sadly, I
Just forgot sunblock

Freckles (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
Artifact of skin
Which loan contrast and texture
Enhancing cuteness

Urban Jungle (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
So many creatures
Wander the concrete pathways
Hunting for their goals

Once, Twice (Requested by Theresa Warrior Princess)
If you don’t succeed
Make sure that you try again
Working hard is best

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3 Responses

  1. Murdered by skepticism! Dude, that’s harsh.

  2. Dude, life is harsh. 🙂 Good thing I kick skepticism in the nuts when he comes calling.

  3. Oy… Thanks Jorge… Your hai-kuul’s are always the best… therefore I felt the need to keep you busy and add on a few more. 🙂 Cheers, Drea p.s Loved the In Love one…that rocked…

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