Hai-Kuul – May 25, 2005

A Secretly Long Lunch Away From Work (Requested by patresa74)
Working hard all day
Makes me want to escape from
The hell that is work

I’m Surrounded By Idiots (Requested by The Shellie)
My brain is hurting
Clowns to the left of me and
Jokers to the right

Everything You Know is Wrong (Requested by The Shellie)
What has happened here?
I thought I knew what was up
Apparently not

Massive Beavers (Requested by NF_PhillyCheeseSteak)
Chomping at the trees
Those giant buck-toothed monsters
Bring down the forest

(By the way, you get bonus points for that request. Cheeky.)

Pie On the Sill (Requested by NF_PhillyCheeseSteak)
It sits on the sill
Beckoning me. Tempting me.
Soon it will be gone

Deep Fried Bacon (Requested by NF_PhillyCheeseSteak)
Listen to the sound
The ‘sizzle’ of tasty meat
I will enjoy this

Canadian in the Caribbean (Requested by islandgirlinprogress)
I’m so far away
From the evergreens up North
Bartender: Hit me!

Living in Jimmy Buffet’s Shoes (Requested by islandgirlinprogress)
This is what it’s like
To be wasting away in

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