Trip To Old Madness

Trip To Old Québec

My wife and I decided to get away for the weekend, so we went to Old Québec City. It’s like someone took a piece of Europe and transported it to North America. The flight and taxi ride there were uneventful. Our luggage beat us to Québec by an hour, but no harm done.

We stayed at Chateau de Léry, which is simply an old house that has been converted into a hotel. It’s nice enough, but none of their seemingly new windows had any seals installed, so the wind that persisted all weekend made them rattle. I took it upon myself to fold up some tourist pamphlets and jam them in the windows to stop the noise (a la MacGyver). That did the trick.

Too bad I only figured out that trick on the 3rd night.

The hotel was non-smoking (although someone decided to break that rule upstairs on our second day there). Our actual room looks like it was an old living room at some point. They built a small bathroom steps away from the fireplace with a frosted window. Within this small room, the toilet was right next to the wall, and the bathtub was quite small. The sink was actually in the main room, situated behind the entryway. Very odd setup.

The staff was also hit and miss. Some of the people were very helpful, while the others seemed kind of lost. For the price, I guess it’s tough to expect a lot. Truthfully, I didn’t find it all that bad, but I doubt I would be staying there again. I’d like to try somewhere different next time.

We ate at l’Omelétte (a nice little breakfast place), Gambrenus (An awesome place. Dressy. They had a guy walking around with a guitar singing songs, and the staff and food were amazing), and a couple of other small places.

It was fun just walking around and taking photos, watching people lean into the wind, and just relaxing.

I definitely want to go back someday – when it’s warm.

All in all, a great way to spend a birthday weekend.

Haiku Madness

Man, you guys are insatiable! This Hai-Kuul feature is going strong.

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how well this feature would actually catch on. Truth be told, there have been so many requests I’ve been having a tough time updating my blog with stories. However, that fact is offset by the amount of fun I am having with the challenges that people are throwing my way.

We just recently passed the 200 mark. Keep them coming. I’ll be holding another contest soon for another print, so keep your eyes peeled. The 250 milestone is fast approaching!

18 Responses

  1. Wow- I’m so impressed with your MacGyving (that’s a word right?) Have a greeeeaaaat weekend!

  2. Sounds like it was relaxing trip. Quebec City is a beautiful place to visit. Although I must say it is a tad overrun with souvenir shops. It is funny what they try and pass off as being “authentically Canadian”.

  3. Aww! I like the pics of those kitty’s, especially the one that’s sleeping. So cute. Nice wedding pics too. I think Quebec is a beautiful province and I love going there, even though my french could use some polishing. Last time I was down that way will be three years this summer, I drove through Quebec and stayed in Montreal. Anywhoo, nice space!

  4. you gotta love those imperfect little places with all the character. i’d take one of those over a best western any day. hooray for haiku! it’s a great feature. i just think it’s crazy that you can actually think of stuff very every request. i mean, really. bacon and stepping in gum? this is not your usual poetry. but we love it. brilliant stuff, man. patresa

  5. Thx so much for coming by and leaving a comment. Thought I would do the same. Have a good one.

  6. Just saying hello!! The haikus are awesome! Linette

  7. Hi Jorge Sorry I haven’t been by … tooo busy to turn around:) Before anyone sent flowers thought I best make the rounds:) Glad you had a great trip..I luv Quebec city ..then again a born Montrealer guess that says it:):) Have a great weekend Hugs Barb

  8. Hey! I love Old Quebec! You put it so beautfully. “It’s like someone took a piece of Europe and transported it to North America.” I went just last week. It seemed to have been warmer then though. Too bad you didn’t catch it.

  9. I adore old Quebec. It’s the only simulacrum of Europe that we have in Canada IMHO. I’m glad ya had a greta time. It must have been an interestin’ birthday indeed. Hope yer havin’ a great weekend Jorge Great photos MM

  10. I really like your space. I can’t get enough of your hai’kuul’s. Might have to print some up to hang around my workspace. please check my space out and let me know what you think.

  11. forgot to mention… I’ve only been to Quebec once, and I still remember all the charm it has. Like you and a lot of your comments have said, it really is like visiting Europe without leaving North America. So charming and I don’t think many people reallly know about it. They just assume it would be like any old canadian place. People who’ve never been are really missing out.
    May 28 7:35 PM

  12. Glad to hear you and Mrs. Jorge had a good weekend. And the Haikus are coming along great. Keep it up. But we like the stories too. In other words….you’ll have to keep working at this pace! 😉

  13. Hey Jorge…. The biggest thing that I think my “circle” of friends fails to see that we don’t communicate, and then when we do communicate, things get all messed up and people wind up mad and hurt. Which wasn’t the intention. It’s taken me a long time to be able to forgive anyone…not just friends. Forgiveness is a hard lesson learned, and it may come back to bite me in the ass. Thanks for coming by! Linette

  14. Happy b-lated b-day ..nice spot .. 🙂 TTFN

  15. So I’m catchin up on my bloggin, and apparently I’ve been slapped twice, and apparently that means I have to slap 4 people, so I’m starting with you baby!!1p_sRM3b5mQ-m_e4_qMHR3pA!1831.entry muahahaha! 😉

  16. Ah how I love the “I’se da bye’s”… Yup, poor old Liza; didn’t know what she was in for! HA HA HA… So you went to Quebec City! That’s in my top ten list of perfect places (six out of the ten are in Newfoundland; I am biased I know), I remember meandering around there on so many different trips with my folks or friends and thinking to myself “ah there’s so much history here”. Now you do know that I can get you both GRRRReat discounts on hotels didn’t you? No, I suppose that you didn’t… Buggery… the next time that your wife and you decide to go anywhere just let me know and I’ll call in advance for you. Okay? Sound good? Isn’t it nice to know someone in the travel industry? (the resounding answer to this is “yes”) Anyhoo; I’m burnt to a crisp and blurry eyed; although I did wear sunscreen (and re-applied it frequently I might add) while climbing today. I feel as though I have been hit by a tractor (only slight exageration) and need to dip myself in a vat of Chalomine lotion or some other remedy that my “sunstroked” mind cannot think of at the moment… So, take care and I’m glad to hear that your MacGyver moves did the trick… Cheers, Drea

  17. # of times I’ve twisted my ankle in Old Quebec: 3.

    Glad you kept yours intact.

  18. Where in the bejeebs is everyone today? No new blog from you or Ian or Patresa… I’m a little concerned… Has everyone gone out for pints at the local pub without me? Sob, Drea

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