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  1. Just one poem today???

  2. That’s all that was requested.

  3. but if they don’t buy diamond-studded doorknobs, who will, i ask? who will?

  4. Darn it… Not to copy off everyone else… But just ONE thing? Ah well, I didn’t write anything on my site either… Actually I just posted up two pictures… I think that I’m kind of drained out of writing… Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve got alot of work on my plate and I need to think about that instead…err…write (fun) vs numbers (not so much fun)… why do I always have to choose the later? Hmm, well I guess I’m not in Kansas anymore and no one else is going to pay the hydro bill for me… HA HA Anyhow Jorge, have yourself a great day… If I’m ever in Toronto (which isn’t so far off in the future as my father’s family live just outside of there…) I’ll be calling you and your wife up to take me out to Karoake… But I’ll also be forcing you both to sing songs that you’ve never heard of so that we can all make arses of ourselves and have stories to tell later on… Hugs, Drea

  5. I should go into home improvement or plumbing, specifically catering to the idle rich. I have always wanted to walk into a home store and say “5 of your best ruby toilet seats please, and make it snappy!”

  6. I know! I know! Only one. Of course, if you’re like Drea, you will take that as an opportunity to submit a million requests (which I will deal with at lunch today). Remember, there still IS a contest happening. We are crawling towards our 31 entries…. J

  7. psst Jorge… Question #4 on my space was for you specifically… :), Drea

  8. Hey, as long as we live in a capitlistic society, they contribute, and don’t you forget it. Oh look, now my comment is officially longer than your post!

  9. Drea – Thanks!

    J – You, my dear, have earned a kick in the bum. 😉

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