I’ll Show You Some Funny Things About Generous People On Mother’s Day

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Lets see how many hits I get with that line from Google and Yahoo.

The Contact opening in the Junction has come and gone, and it was a success!

It was admittedly a lot of work to prep for this exhibition. Not only the printing, framing and setting up, but also the food preparation and such. My wife did a fair bit of running around to get groceries for me (which I thank her for!).

I’ve never really done an opening on my own for an exhibition before, so I wasn’t really prepared for how many people were coming. I figured that I would entice my friends with the promise of my chocolate chip banana bread (which always works). As usual, they didn’t disappoint. Pretty much all of the friends I had invited arrived at some point or another during the evening.

What did surprise me was the number of people I didn’t know. These people were very kind with their compliments and time, and some even offered advice and encouragement. It was a very warming evening for me.

My warmest thanks to everyone that attended. It’s because of you that I am what I am, all of you.

Hopefully that is a good thing, otherwise the world blames you for my craziness.

People Are Generous

I’ve sold two photographs so far, which is very encouraging. Contrary to what some people believe, it’s not always about the money.

However, I think an artist is a liar if they say that they are not happy when they receive money.

Ultimately, it’s about balance. I think it’s nice to be able to break even on cost, which can be deceptive at times.

I applaud people that support artists. It is because of these folks that artistic expression will never stop. Without art, the world becomes a boring place. Imagine television with nothing but plain documentaries. They can be informative and well filmed, but I know that if I had to watch them all the time I would go nuts. Variety is the spice of life.

Funny Things People Said

Here are some things that I heard, or that people said during the show…

Excuse me, do you cater often? (Said to me, as I was setting up the food)

What kind of film did you use to take that? (Asked jokingly by a friend regarding a blockish painting on the wall opposite my photos)

I love the banana bread! Oh, and the photos are pretty good, too!

You certainly know your photos! (Said by a lady who asked what time of the year a photo was taken, and in my frazzled state I responded with the approximate date and time)

Happy Mother’s Day!

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends and relatives that are moms. I tend not to post on the weekend, because for some reason my formatting gets all jumbled up.

5 Responses

  1. I’m very happy for you, buddy. J

  2. I think that you deserve someone else to bake something for you. Now, I’m not exactly the kind of girl who goes around and cooks anything more than burnt kraft dinner on occasion; however…this comment entitles you to some fantastic rice-crispy squares (don’t bemoan this, it’s the only edible food that I dare to make for others). How long does it take for those things to go bad anyhow? I mean if I actually did send them off would they still be as good as when I took them out of the oven in the first place? (The things I think about sometimes even baffles me) I’m truly glad that your show went over well. It’s incredibly difficult for anyone to lay their talents out on the line and hope for praise in return. I remember my first time going on stage and this one person was literally snoring through the whole darn thing. I kept thinking “I can’t do this…I can’t even keep an old fart awake”… It gets easier over time though. Now I don’t even think twice about singing in front of others or even writing down ideas and forcing the whole “blog world” to read them (okay, not forcing…just mildly torturing…with a rubber arm technique). As for the artist (which is you) selling your pieces… OMG be proud…be proud…be proud! You should have a gold medal for even attempting to put your hearts work on the line! You jumped into a very demanding scene and stole the show! You sold a photograph! You deserve more than praise… Honestly… There’s no tougher critic than yourself…but in this type of industry? The people are out for blood! You rock! Now…about that banana bread… lol… Hugs, Drea

  3. It sounds like these events are giving you a lot of exposure and access to people. Thats awesome. You can make another sale with me next week. I totally need something for my cubicle. And I love your photos. I will certainly be expecting some banana bread reciprocity. My postcards of the world collection needs some company. Cheers, ~ian

  4. Congratulations on the showing!! That banana bread sounds excellent! And I’m sure the pics were something special too. Actually, I checked out your photography site and really liked the pictures. They ARE something special. Especially the one of the water at night… and the mom and baby was really moving… and I loved the boys playing… and the little dancer girl… ok… all of them are really great! Good one.

  5. This is for MOMS ONLY! Don’t watch this with your kids, but it’s hilarious!
    MILF by Katie Goodman

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