You’ll Go Places, Meet People, and Get Plugged!

The Places You’ll Go, the People You’ll Meet…

I went swimming yesterday. I got to the recreation centre a little bit late, so I could only stay in the pool for about 10 minutes. I worked as hard as I could (as I suck at swimming), and then went home to help Mrs. J clean up.

I decided that I would go for a walk after she went to bed, and so I did. It was a nice long walk, about an hour and a half or so. I also decided to stop at IGA on the way home (as it is open 24 Hours) and pick up some groceries that we needed.

So there I was, roughly twenty minutes after midnight, walking home (which was about a half hour away) with a full backpack of stuff, and my legs were really tired because of the workout I had at the pool.

Did I mention I went for a long walk? I decided to cab it home. It would only be a couple of bucks, and I deserved it. I saw a taxi drop off a guy nearby, so I scooted over and hailed him.

The driver was an older Chinese man. Full of life. He was hilarious, and this is the dialogue that made my day (to get the idea of what he sounds like, think of Mr. Yan from Wok With Yan)…

Mister Cab Driver: Wow! Where did you come from?
Jorge: Right here. Fastest pickup ever for you.
MCD: No kidding. Where to?
Jorge: [Tells cab driver where he needs to go.]
MCD: Okeydokey. So, you coming from a girlfriend’s place?
Jorge: No. I’m going home to my wife. I guess you could also call her my girlfriend.
MCD: Oh! That’s a good perspective to have! But you are so young. You’re married already?
Jorge: I’m 30.
MCD: 30? Pah! That’s still young!
Jorge: That’s ok. It is right.
MCD: You sound sure of yourself. That’s a good thing.
Jorge: Yeah. It’ll probably clear up tomorrow. Where are you from?
MCD: Hong Kong. What about you?
Jorge: I was born here.
MCD: What about your parents?
Jorge: India. Goa, specifically.
MCD: Ah. Mixed heritage. Man, this weather has been crazy.
MCD: Hope so. So, what did you study in University?
Jorge: Psychology.
MCD: Oh! I’d better be careful what I say!
Jorge: No, I already have a pretty good idea that you’re crazy already. Takes one to know one.
[They both laugh]
MCD: I bet you took philosophy too, right?
Jorge: Yeah. I enjoy learning.
MCD: You are just an interesting guy, eh? Tell me, what religion are you?
Jorge: Well, I was raised Catholic.
MCD: Uh oh. Did you study other religions?
Jorge: Yes. It was a requirement in high school, but I also did lots of reading afterward because I find it fascinating.
MCD: I have studied the major religions and I have come to the conclusion that Buddhism is best for me.
Jorge: Really? I like some of the ideas of Buddhism.
MCD: Then you are even smarter then I thought you were before. But, tell me, as a Catholic, doesn’t it bother you how much hypocrisy there is in the Church?
[They arrive at the destination – Mister Cab Driver stops the meter and shuts off his CB.]
Jorge: I don’t go to church.
MCD: But you said you were raised Catholic. Christian.
Jorge: I was, but I am more of a spiritual person than a religious one.
MCD: Hmmm. That sounds more like Buddhist wisdom.
Jorge: Maybe part of it is influenced by that.
MCD: So what do you believe?
Jorge: Well, I believe that we are all unified by something. Some call it Chi or Ki. You can’t see it, but it’s there.
MCD: Are you tolerant of other viewpoints?
Jorge: Of course. Who knows what is really out there. Belief is power. And so it should be respected. Just because someone has a different view than you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect it.
MCD: One might call that hedging their bets.
Jorge: That’s just an added bonus.
MCD: Buddhism places the onus on us. Cause and effect. Compassion. We are the ones responsible for change in ourselves.
Jorge: That makes sense.
MCD: Indeed it does. A lot of religions don’t seem to have room for compassion. And if they do, it is hypocrisy at best.
Jorge: To be fair, even Buddhism has its share of hypocrites. I think it’s about the individual. Those with strong belief in their own preference will usually be good examples of the positive aspects of what they represent. Of course there are those who are overzealous.
MCD: Yes. There is. It is a fine line between a good follower of something and an extremist.
Jorge: Lots of crazy things have been done in the name of God.
MCD: People who believe in a god are not following the law of cause and effect.
Jorge: It’s because for most people faith negates both.
MCD: The best example is the crusades. Too many people fighting. Lots of land changing hands. No real gods involved. Just greed.
Religion makes people do funny things. But then people also do funny things to religion.
MCD: Well, I think you should read more on Buddhism. Only recently some great books have come out that make it a lot easier to understand, and are a lot more thorough.
Jorge: Actually, I’d be interested in reading. We should never stop learning.
MCD: That is the greatest crime! The author’s name is Yin-Shun.
Jorge: Yin-Shun?
MCD: Yes. Yin-Shun. The book is called The Way to Buddahood. It is very excellent. Written by one of the top guys in Buddhism. You would enjoy it.
You know, you won’t be converting me to Buddhism.
MCD: I don’t want to convert you. I just want you to read it because it is good. You can make up your own mind. You’re a smart guy.
Now I have even more respect for you!
[They continue to talk about religion and spirituality for another ten minutes or so. Mister Cab Driver is very passionate about his views, but he is also very appreciative of the views of others. Appreciative and respectful.]

It was a great chat. I wonder if I will ever chat with him again? I hope so. I don’t particularly care for people who try to push their religions on others. But I do respect those who believe in something and are proud to share their views without being abrasive or annoying.


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6 Responses

  1. Wow, what a cabbie to passenger conversation! Where can I get me one of those. My best religion/philosophy conversations tend to be alcohol induced (unfortunately for the old liver) and not with total strangers. All the more incentive to come to T.O.
    Cheers future PM Jorge…

  2. Jorge! Leave me and my character alone dammit!

    Jason always tells me that I’m the only person who has such random conversations wtih strangers. Hah!

  3. Why can’t I get cab drivers like that? Mine are usually jerks who assume I’m from out of town and try to take me the scenic route. That makes me so angry!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful cab ride! I love finding such interesting people. Have a good weekend Jorge.

  5. Jay! You’ll surrender your character and you will like it!

    Apparently you and I are kindred spirits. Be content to be the only girl who has such random conversations with strangers.

  6. Dude, you TOTALLY should’ve asked for his blog URL. Would’ve been great.
    My favourite parts:

    Figs: Well, I was raised Catholic.
    MCD: Uh oh.


    MCD: … It is very excellent.

    Engrish rocks.
    Don’t believe me?
    Check it out:

    Be sure to hit the Recent Discoveries.
    Warning: Hilarious and can be addictive.

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