Hai-Kuul – April 15, 2005

Inspired by Blogging Friends…

Jay’s Friday Thought (Inspired by Jamie)
A fellow blogger
Likes George Stroumboulopoulos
She’d have his children

Drea From Over Thea (Inspired by Drea)
Playing sports with boys
Makes their wives stinkin’ jealous
Whiny little snots!

Do You Know the Rappie Pieman? (Inspired by Ian)
To make, simply take
All items in your kitchen
And bake until brown

Meow (Inspired by Cat)
Crazy Green-Eyed Cat
Be careful when inviting
MSN Chatters!

Sox Stalker (Inspired by Shellie)
She watches the Sox
Everytime they play a game
And sometimes stalks them!

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5 Responses

  1. There’s an extra syllable in the first line of “Drea From Over Thea”

  2. Ya…that’s right! You tell them for me Jorge…while I put kool-aid (blue’s the best) in their shampoo and a frog in the punch bowl… Ha Ha…
    Thanks for the comment on Siobhan… She is such a cutie isn’t she? Aw…yup…a little beauty… I hope that she grows up to a knock-out and gives her father mini nervous break-downs.. (He tortured the family whilst growing up…and broke many whiny-arsed girl’s heart…ha ha ha)
    So what’s going on for the weekend? Will we see more Haiku’s? I suggest >Drea the Terminata… And see how it goes from there (doesn’t it just have the nicest ring to it?).
    Well darlin’… Have fun… Drink a few pints for me if you do go out… The weekend looks kind of bleak for me… I think I may have to stay at the office… Coffee will be my savior… A cup of Jorge would be a break from insanity… Hint…hint…
    Take care,

  3. Only you could fit Stroumbowhatnotetceteraopolos into a poem. You’re a real champ.

  4. Thanks Tien.
    Fixed it.

  5. Yes I’m crazy. And Yes, I need to be more careful! I’ll try not to invite my entire staff into our conversations in the future! DOH!!!!

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