Strikes Out With Lost Wife’s Helpfulness

No Strike Today – Yay Me!

And so it was, that the TTC has decided to wait until Friday to see if they Strike on Monday.

This is good for me, because it means I didn’t have to stay home today and lug my photos across town. Photos do not seem to be a heavy burden until you put them in frames, and have to walk several miles in the rain to get to where you want to go (which would probably be two hours).

Another positive thing about a delayed strike is that more people may come to the Toronto Dollar Party where I will be exhibiting some of my photography tonight.


Best Wife Ever

Well, I guess that implies that I have had more than one wife. This is not the case.

Nor am I married to a vocation or career. Academia? Pfft. Broke up with that whore a long time ago.

Thus, while the title of this section is probably not really necessary to put into print, it is 100% accurate and I believe it should be stated for the record.

I wasn’t in a good mood yesterday (we all get that way from time to time), and as usual, my wife is very patient and supportive. We had dinner, and then she went to place some phone calls, and I went upstairs to blow off some steam playing Lego Star Wars.

She later came upstairs and entered my office. She smiled, and I asked the dreaded question…

Do you want to play?

She actually said yes, and sat down with me and we ran through a couple of levels together.

Talk about awesome.

Most of the girls reading this are probably wincing right now. My wife has probably been kicked out of some secret club or another for playing video games with me.


The show is really starting to pick up. Lots of weird things are happening and the characters are all maturing. It’s good to see.

Saywer, for example, has become a bit nicer. I notice that when he does something nice, they put less grease in his hair. It’s very odd. He was even helpful to Kate, as displayed in this slightly altered excerpt….

Kate: Sawyer I need all your alcohol.
Sawyer: Yesss, preciousssss, alcohols you needses, alcohols you getses.
Kate: Huh?
Sawyer: [Trundles off to his suitcases and starts to tear through them looking to help Kate.] Yes, Kate. Alcoholses. Here! Takes it all!
Kate: Er, thanks.
Sawyer: Good Smeago…er…Sawyer always helps….Freckles…

I don’t know why I typed that, but it’s funny. Well, it is to me, anyway.

9 Responses

  1. Academia ain’t no whore!

  2. A wife that plays video games?

    You totally lucked out.

  3. Lucked out?

    Or just plain awesome?

    You be the judge.

  4. Tien,

    Academia is a dirty little whore. She wears a kilt and carries around a Hello Kitty backback. And you, my friend, are paying for the Red Light Special!

  5. I ain’t payin’ for nothin’.
    Academia pays me….wait does that make me a pimp?

  6. I’ve figured out your secret, “Huggy Tien”.

  7. Aw…
    Now not only do I think that you rock…but your wife rocks too! Kudos for picking out a perfect lady…and marrying her! I don’t know so much about the game…however I can tell you that I am addicted to Sims…yes, unfortunetly my x-box gets plenty of “used” hours… Basically I live my life through an animated character who has to pee more frequently than I do. (Why do I feel so lame for writing that? ha ha…er)
    As for the strike…what? We can’t throw water balloons at the picketers? Damn… I would have carried those pictures for you! Okay, how’s this? Monday we’ll toilet paper their head office? Sound like fun? How’s seven sound?
    Cheers and have a good weekend,
    p.s I can’t believe you filled out the entire quiz! You are now my hero…!!!

  8. Link to me? Hell ya… I’ve already got you on mine!

  9. I am all about the TP, Drea.

    BTW, I know how to pronounce your full first name.
    But how do you pronounce your nickname?

    Is it ‘Dray’ like Dr. Dre?
    Or is it ‘Dray-ah’ like Drea DeMatteo?

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