Fig-tionary – Apr 05, 2005

anecdont (Jorge came up with this writing in Cat’s Blog)

  1. Function: noun – a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident that you shouldn’t really tell anyone – Usage: One of Jorge’s worst anecdonts recounts a horrifying experience that explains why he is afraid of women wearing plaid scarves who carry orange juice in teacups.

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10 Responses

  1. Ok, now that you piqued our curiosity, you’ll have to tell us the anecdont of the woman wearing plaid scarf carrying orange juice in a teacup!

  2. Maybe it went something like this….

    Plaid scarved woman: “Excuse me, I’ve been sitting across the street at Starbucks, enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice from a teacup, admiring you from afar.”

    Jorge: “Ummmm Ok? Which Starbucks? There are 4 on that block!”

    Plaid scarved woman: “At first I thought it was an orange juice induced sugar high, but then I knew it was fate”

    Jorge: “What are you talking about? And why do you drink orange juice from a teacup?”

    Plaid Scarved woman: “Well, if I can’t have you, no one will!” (Woman splashes remaining Orange juice in Jorge’s eyes)

    Jorge: ” Argh, Ack! You blinded me you crazy, plaid scarf wearing, teacup lady!”

    Something like that????

  3. It was all my fault, sorry about that. I should never have dumped that teacup of orange juice on Jorge’s head while I was wearing my plaid Burberry scarf after he told me that Geddy Lee would never want to be my friend.

  4. There are anec-dos, and anec-donts, and plaid scarves are always a don’t.

  5. Darn it…someone stole my “anecdo”… Shucks… And here I was going to come up with something witty and enticing and intelligent…
    Bewretching=Noticing that others are admiring you; thinking that you look seductive and mysterious; whilst really they are checking out the spinach stuck in your “winning” smile.

  6. Noice!
    Drea and Jay are now my definition co-writers.


  7. everyone grab your plaid scarves and teacups, let’s get him! LOL


  8. Wow.

    A MILF.

    It was definitely a MILF in the Plaid Scarf.

    I think she was wearing a Green Beret as well.

  9. dude! you have skills? i had no idea, i love guys with skills!


  10. I really liked your photography. Gallery 1 pics 2 and 8 are great. I live in BC so, I don’t think I could make it tomorrow night to look at your work. Wish I could.

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