Hai-Kuul – May 18, 2005 – Contest Winner!

The Hai-Kuul Contest is Over!

That’s right. The 31st entry was received yesterday. But I also decided to give the runner up a small version of the print, because it was a great show of participation on everyone’s part.

The Runner Up

The runner up receives a 4×6 glossy print of the tigers. And without further ado…

Scavengers (Requested by St-Martini-of-the-Vodka)
Vultures pick at guts
Just like some people find things
At Sunday yard sales

Congrats, Jay!

The Winner

The winner receives an 8×10 glossy print of the tigers. And here is her request…

Clobbering a Fish (Requested by Cat)
First you hold the fish
And then whack it on the head
Hopefully it works

Way to go, Cat!

I will need both of your mailing addresses, so just e-mail me and we can arrange to get your prints to you!

Congrats go out to both of the winners. There will be other print giveaways in the future, so stay tuned!

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.

2 Responses

  1. Woo hoo! I won! I never win anything! 🙂 BTW, Nice poem. 😉

  2. hey! 😀 just checkin in on u, u rock 😀

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