Hai-Kuul – December 28, 2005

Nightshifts (Requested by anurs2)
In the world of health
Sometimes more problems happen
When the sun goes down

Love is Blind (Requested by anurs2)
If love wasn’t blind
There would be a lot of folks
Without a partner

I Hate Christmas (Requested by anurs2)
What is going on?
The best of holidays is
Now so commercial

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Dave and Jorge Convo Part 12: Return of the Stupey

Dave is holding a 24 hour movie marathon soon. He sent out a list of movies for us to rank so that we might come up with a group of movies to watch.

The following short discussion revolves around one of the movies in question.

I am not so smart, it seems. Dave, however, was on fire…

Jorge: The Thin Blue Line? Is that like The Thin Red Line?
Dave: No. The Thin Red Line is a war movie.
J: Really? I thought Clint Eastwood was in The Thin Red Line.
D: No.
J: Isn’t that movie about some guy trying to protect the president?
D: That’s In the Line of Fire.
J: Whatever. As long as the word line is in there, it’s all the same.
D: So it’s the same as The Line, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

Dave is a bastard.