Wow Worst


I have reached a new low. I actually got an image hit for Clint Howard.

Other hits of note…

Worst Idea Ever

I was watching television yesterday and saw a small news piece on a guy who has created a new idea for men.

Essentially it shows men how to cook with powertools.

He claims that a lot of men don’t see cooking as being manly enough, so by introducing these power tools into the equation, men can feel more comfortable in the kitchen.

This man is both a genius and an idiot.

He’s a genius because he is tapping into the male psyche. I mean, what could be cooler than using a drill as a mixer? Or a power saw to cut meat? Undoubtedly he will make some decent cash off of this endeavour.

On the other hand, he’s an idiot because no girl in her right mind would buy her male partner this book. My reasoning is as follows…

  • Any man who doesn’t like to cook will also most likely not like to clean. The mess this shmoe made while creating batter for something or other was huge! He’s the expert! Can you imagine what an amateur would do? Who do you think will be cleaning up the mess? I doubt even a ShopVac will put a dent in a gooey mess like that.
  • Something about holding a tool five times the size of the bowl you are mixing in just seems like a bad idea.
  • Nothing like introducing a higher possibility for serious injury in the kitchen, I always say.