Back From Assignment

Back From Cuba

Contrary to what you might think, this entry will have no pictures of my back while I was in Cuba.

No, it means I am back from my lovely vacation.

It was great.

Undoubtedly I will blog about it. There will most likely be two or three entries. The first one will be complaining about other tourists, so brace yourselves.

I will start on them once I catch up to life.

It seems it goes on when I’m not around.

What the hell is that about?

The Assignment

Thanks to all for helping me keep interesting reading material on my blog by writing about your pirate/ninja preferences.

Special kudos go out to…

  • missb for her ass-kicking essay right out of the gate
  • TheLastRealist for accidentally leaving a comment on my blog destined for someone else. I am frequently confused for a woman. Indeed, I can see the resemblance between Amber and myself. Must be the pouty come-hither look
  • Enraptured4 for the real ultimate power reference
  • Dave for using the word pubes
  • Kris for making me feel missed

I’ll have to think carefully about another essay question for the future…