Pride, No Prejudice

Why Are We So Proud?

I have a serious question for my fellow Canuckleheads.

I read an article recently that repeats the message that Canadians are essentially proud of not being American.

This really doesn’t cut it. It’s a half-assed idea of patriotism, to say the least.

Ironically, Americans (at least the ones I know) have quite a number of intelligent reasons why they are so patriotic.

So I want you all to tell me one reason each why you are proud of where you live and who you are.

And I don’t want you to say because I am not American because that is not a reason. That is just lame.

As a good friend of mine said…

Everyone should be proud of who they are and where they are from, but not at the detrement of the feelings and beliefs of others.
– Handsome B. Wonderful, 2005