Pride, No Prejudice

Why Are We So Proud?

I have a serious question for my fellow Canuckleheads.

I read an article recently that repeats the message that Canadians are essentially proud of not being American.

This really doesn’t cut it. It’s a half-assed idea of patriotism, to say the least.

Ironically, Americans (at least the ones I know) have quite a number of intelligent reasons why they are so patriotic.

So I want you all to tell me one reason each why you are proud of where you live and who you are.

And I don’t want you to say because I am not American because that is not a reason. That is just lame.

As a good friend of mine said…

Everyone should be proud of who they are and where they are from, but not at the detrement of the feelings and beliefs of others.
– Handsome B. Wonderful, 2005

14 Responses

  1. I’m proud to live in a country that is so accepting of other cultures. I’m proud to live in a country where all are welcomed to live and give equal opportunity to succeed. I’m proud to live in a country that truly does follow the definition of what a democracy should follow, a model that is the envy of the rest of the world. We have seen amongst us those who have faced incredible adversity and yet persevered and overcame. Canada is for anyone who has the heart and spirit to see beyond circumstances, who refuses to be caught up in petty arguments that lead to division and hard feelings. No matter who you are, where you’re from, your gender or ancestral background, Canada offers opportunity and a chance to make a difference. I’m proud to be live in a society where free-thinking and expression is encouraged, not prohibited. I’m proud to be Canadian; I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  2. Well, I’m not Canadian, but I’m proud to count several Canadians as friends! (Does that count?)

  3. I started to reply to this here, but my comment got too long, so I turned it into a new post. Come and see.

  4. I wrote this on Cat’s blog too: I feel so bad sometimes when I hear that the big complaint against Americans is our way of life. Where I live, we are all hard working individuals just trying to live a decent life with our families. Our pop culture is hardly a good representation of who we are as a whole – if we were all in Beverly Hills wearing big sunglasses, how would anything get done? We are made up of people from all over the world and most Americans identify with where their family immigrated from. They will tell people “I am (insert country of origin here)” and try to keep their families traditions alive for future generations. My great grandfather came from Italy, and our Italian Christmas eve celebration in my family has been going on since the 1900’s even though at this point, the grandchildren and great grandchildren don’t have much Italian blood. We have a lot of great things in the USA, and I love American history and seeing all the progress we made, and I’m proud to live in an area rich in this history. In recent years, it seems as if one bad apple has spoiled the entire bunch, but on the contrary…a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise care what goes on in the US now do, and those people will work hard to make things better in the future. Like anybody, we learn from example, and you don’t always know if something is going to work until you try it. It pains me to hear people say that they wouldn’t bring kids into a world such as ours, but if they don’t who will make things better?

  5. I am proud to live in a country that is so close to your country. I am proud of the movies we produce, and I am sorry we steal a good deal of your actors and comedians. I am proud of Dover, PA, because they decided that intelligent design cannot be taught in their community schools, but I have a feeling that this is true everywhere in Canada. Mostly, however, I a pround that I finally signed up for the whole MSN deal, so that I can now officially post on another Canadian’s blog. Hi, Jorge!

  6. I’m proud to be a Canadian because I believe that many of us do have good lives here. If you get sick, you will be taken care of. Good quality education is available (and, although you may have to pile on a debt that would buy you a nice house in some places to get it, it is still an option if you should want to choose it). You can get maternity/paternity leave for a whole year. People can marry whomever they love, regardless of gender. Plus, we have some damn kickass hockey. But I think it’s important to realize that a country is only as good as the people in it want to make it. With privatization of health care looming, tuition continuing to rise (at least in some parts of the country), a serious lack of affordable, quality day care spots avaiable (unless you are in Quebec), a political leader who, if elected PM, wants to overturn the marriage rights of homosexual couples (regardless of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms), and a seriously bad track record on the treatment of First Nations peoples, we are far from perfect. I don’t mean to be a downer, because I do believe that Canada has been very good to me and I am happy to be a Canadian, but I think it’s important that if we want Canada to keep up its positive qualities and improve on those qualities that aren’t so good, we all need to actively take part.

  7. Funny. I’m very proud that I grew up in Kansas, but every time I visit my hometown I just spend my days being angry. Right now I’m trying to figure out why.

  8. I am proud to be a Canadian I am proud to be a Newfoundlander why? being a canadian gives me the freedom to travel almost anywhere in the world with few restrictions….does everyone realize how lucky we are in that one little detail? I don’t think so….. being a newfie means I come from one of the friendliest provinces, we have a fantastic sense of humour(who tells the best newfie jokes? c’mon, you know it’s us!)..we have the oldest historical ruins in North America, the oldest city in North America…..and the best city to party in (who else has that many bars on one street, let alone that many per capita?) I love who I am and where I’m from….and every opportunity I get to poke fun at the americans for being who they are, I take advantage of it……I think it’s the newfie humour coming out in me more than anything though…..I don’t hold anything against them, even if I don’t understand their convoluted political system!!!!LOL now…… On to where I live….. Well, I’m happy to live here, I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity….I know not everybody gets such chances in life…..but……. I miss the ‘common sense’ we take forgranted in Canada I miss the great health care we take forgranted (yes it is wonderful, I would say most there would run screaming from the hospital here…..) I miss that we have choices and the ability to essentially do what ever we want to make our living….it isn’t that way everywhere….. I love the Islands….but Canada will always be my home….. Thanks for making me think this morning Jorge…..I hope I didn’t ramble to incoherently….. I came by (and I do many times without commenting, sorry…..)… say that if I don’t get back before the big day…….. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! C U later!!!! PS… it really true, has Ian run away to join life outside of blogland? or is he just taking a long Christmas holiday? I hope it’s the holiday……

  9. I was just scrolling through the comments and I see something I missed…… here on the island, good education is available…..but….it is private schools….which means TUITION…..I miss knowing that my child will get a good education…..FREE…..yes parents have to do thier part as well(and I think so many feel it is up to the teachers to educate them and that they shouldn’t need to do anything to supplement it…..WRONG!!) still… is, in canada…..and as a canadian.

  10. I am proud to be a Canadian because for one thing, we are, for the most part, well informed and well-educated. For the MOST part. This is the root of why we have a well-functioning and tolerant society here, I think. With ignorance comes prejudice and intolerance. We have a government that may SEEM like it’s constantly bickering and in-fighting and corrupt, but trust me… things get done eventually, and it’s REALLY not as bad as in some other countries. It could be MUCH worse. We don’t get thrown in jail for speaking our minds, for example.

  11. I was going to post some lengthy, intricate description of what being Canadian meant to me and why I love being Canadian – but I read what my fellow Canadians have written, and something popped into my head. I love being Canadian because there’s just no reason not to – from the rollicking good times to be had on the Rock to sitting in the sun on Wreck Beach, from BonHomme Carnival to the Calgary Stampede, the people, the places and the attitudes are what makes us, and our country, such a lovable place. Happy Holidays Jorge, thanks for presenting another thought-inspiring query!

  12. Hmmm….why I love being Canadian….interesting question…. I am actually a nursing student in Winnipeg at the moment, and will be relocating to Dallas, TX upon finishing my BN degree. Now as much as I will be moving, I will still be proud that I am Canadian. My reasoning for this is because so many other nations in the world are no more than bullies. Canada may be called “so-and-so’s little brother” on a consistant basis, and we may be seen as not being able to make decisions independently, although these things really are just not true. With the upcoming federal election coming, and Prime Minister Paul Martin is commenting on the United States not taking any measures to reduce air polution…. he is not only being picked on by Americans for those comments, but also fellow Canadian politicians. Ok ok, first thing first, did all the other Canadian politicians forget that he is STILL the Prime Minister? Even if we are in an election? He is still voicing what he believes are the concerns of the majority of Canada. He is doing his job. As for the Americans saying that we have no right to criticize them, doesn’t that sound a little communist to you? It sure does to me…. Another fine example is Canada deciding not to go to war with America to invade Iraq because it was not approved by the UN. We were essentially considered idiots by a lot of Americans for not joining up, and were consistantly bashed by a number of high-authority Americans for some time thereafter. Sooo…if you ask me, Americans, among many other nations (i.e. China, North Korea, etc.) are nothing more than big bullies who do not want to hear other nation’s points of view. This, I feel, is where Canada is drastically different, and because of this, Canada is one of the greatest places to live in the world. It doesn’t have to do with “tolerance” (which really should be acceptance of other people, it just sounds better)…or anything else for that matter, it is becuase Canada is one of the last TRUE democratic nations where people REALLY CAN say anything they want to about our own or other governments of the world. Even in the US of A, where they preach it and try and peddle it off on other nations, it is seldom observed.

  13. Hi Jorge, I am a proud Canadian. I am proud of our health care system. I have MS and without the NS provincial government kicking in for my “Life-modifying” medications, my condition could worsen and deteriorate. Yes this is a provincial contribution; however I have been to the VG Hospital on a number of occasions receiving free services whether delayed or not. I am proud of our beer. I hate to sound like a beer-guzzling crazy girl, but the beer in the USA is not very good. I am proud of our flag. It is simple and it means a lot to me. I am proud of the colours and to sport the Canadian flag on my luggage. I feel the maple leaf is very representative and shows we are very gentle in nature as we have the spawn of a tree on our flag. I am proud to have visited all provinces but one (Newfoundland is going to be this summer if it kills me!) and I haven’t feared for my life in any. I have lived in East Vancouver; I have traveled across the country by car with my cat; as a woman, I still felt safe. I couldn’t say the same about traveling to the USA. I have felt the need to always be in a pair – even to the washroom. I could go on and on, but I am very happy to live in a country where same-sex marriages are okay, we are able to speak our minds, where I can go camping for free without fear (I miss British Columbia), where I can go to the outskirts of Nova Scotia and not worry about locking my door, where I can say “good morning” to the passer-byers in the morning. I am also proud to be from Nova Scotia, but I will save that for another day!! Just the same, I hope you have an excellent holiday season and have nothing but good luck in the upcoming New Year. Best wishes, Adrienne

  14. here’s why I’m proud to be Canadian. I’m proud because it’s cold. yep. cold. because I think a big part of who we are as a nation is a result of living in this nutcutter of a cold climate. We have trees like jack pine that inspired artists like Tom Thomson because the climate is so bloody harsh that pansy-ass broadleaves just can’t compete. Regardless of differences in race, religion, sex, culture or political beliefs, neighbours can join in unanimous agreement that shovelling their driveway… again… bites the big one. And dealing with the constant vagaries of weather puts a certain quiet toughness and determination in our spirit. this cold climate forces a standard of living on us that is much higher than most places on earth – think about it – you can’t live in a shantytown with no heat in Canada – you’ll wind up a bumcicle. sure there’s homeless in our urban streets – but big picture – even Canadians living below the poverty line have a life that would be the envy of most people globally. this weather is our key to having more freshwater than anywhere else as well – for half a year precipitation accumulates on the ground as snow instead of flowing downstream – and the resulting spring freshet recharges our watersheds. think of the Canadian icons that are linked to our climate : hockey, maple syrup (without seasonal changes sap doens’t flow), the red maple leaf (same as before), canoeing, snowshoeing, curling, the CBC (come on – everyone listens to more cbc in the winter when you’re waiting for the windows to defrost) – and how about our charismatic megafauna – moose -wolves – ravens – beaver – all supremely adapted to cope with our frigid conditions. I’m proud to be Canadian because in Canada the smell of freedom and equality causes your nose hairs to freeze. And that is a wonderful thing. -b

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