Why Am I Proud?

Why Am I Proud?

I recently asked people why they are proud to be Canadian* and I have received a lot of really great comments. Thank you all so much for your contributions to the discussion.

Of course, I yet to list the reasons why I am proud to be a Canadian…

  • There are many countries with massive rates of immigration. The US used to be called the melting pot, while Canada was nicknamed the mosaic. These names reflect the mindset of the past. To become American was almost more of a total assimilation than to become a Canadian. This is no longer the case (and has not been for a while). While the idea of the US being a melting pot no longer really applies (people are proud of their origins and don’t hesitate to say where they are originally from), our country has a bit of a head start in terms of cultural diversity and celebration. Note, I am not saying we are necessarily better. We are just a little ahead due to how we came to be. I’m proud of the fact that we are a young country with a lot of potential, and that we embrace change much more readily than other countries in the world.
  • We have our share of evil in Canada. Crime, racism and all sorts of negative aspects of human nature are apparent here, as they are everywhere else. I am proud of the fact that for every negative, there are positives. Certainly there will always be racism as long as we have diversity. It is the type of racism that is a concern, and the results of it. I’ve seen people that embody the worst in terms of what racism can be. However, I also notice that there are those who live in harmony. I do have to say that there are a few places where I know I am being stared at. I definitely feel like an outsider. But there are so many more places where I feel like I belong. I am proud that we all try to work towards a more utopian society (or something as close as possible). It’s not the easiest task, as not everyone knows they are working on it, but it is only a matter of time…
  • I am proud of our creativity. A lot of incredible ideas have come out of here. So many have taken root all over the world. Basketball, the electron microscope, IMAX and the zipper are but a few of the amazing inventions that have happened due to folks that live here.
  • I am proud of our talent. Every year we export or retain (sometimes both) incredible artists, scientists, thinkers and more! These people bring their Canadian flair to everything they do.
  • I am proud that we live in such a majestic landscape. There is beauty all over the world, to be sure. Canada, though, has a rugged, untamed quality in its vistas. It’s hard to explain, but check out some of my photographs to see what I mean.

These are just some of the reasons that I am proud to be Canadian. I hope that this particular post is worthy, considering the most excellent responses I have received from the original question.


* – Without bashing our southern neighbours.