Strike Funny

Dave and Jorge Strike Again!

Kris is taking off for vacation, and rather than leaving everyone high and dry, she proposed to have a best of 2005 compilation. She wanted examples of what people thought their own best blog entries were. All we had to do was submit links and a short sentence or two describing the story.

I was thinking about one of the pieces I was going to submit, I was trying to remember the catchy name for New York. I consulted my number one source of info…

Jorge: Hey Dave.
J: I’m stuck. I’m trying to remember what New York is the City of.
D: Huh?
J: Is New York the City of Lights?
D: No, I think Paris is the City of Lights.
J: Dammit. Well, if Paris is the City of Lights and Chicago is The Windy City, then what is New York?
D: The City of…[A few seconds…]…Hobos?
J: Totally blogging that.

It turns out it was The Big Apple that I was trying to remember*

J: Wicked. This is why you are the man.
D: Yeah?
J: Not only did I get the information I was looking for, I also got a new entry.
D: This is true.
J: It’s like the goose that lays the golden eggs.
D: Uh…
J: Except you lay…[A few seconds…]…Hobos…
D: Don’t blog that.
J: I got nothing.

I’m still laughing at that first bit of conversation, though.

Funny Story

You need to do yourself a favour and read this story. My friend Shatton wrote it when he was in grade eight.

It’s funny on its own, but with the modern footnotes it’s even funnier!

* – I have been informed by Kris that New York is The City that Never Sleeps. Dave and I are wankers for not knowing this. Especially Dave.