yoru (suggested by Tien based upon a Jorge typo)

  1. Function: adjective – of or relating to you or yourself or yourselves as possessor or possessors of powerful Norse objects – Usage: How is yoru new hammer working out, Thor?
  2. Function – adjective – of or relating to one or oneself as a Norse deity – Usage: Jorge said to Thor, “I think Mjolnr is sitting on the table to yoru right, buddy. “
  3. Function – adjective – used with little or no meaning as a substitution for the, but only for Norse gods and Danish people – Usage: Reay is not yoru average Joe.

*Remember, you can submit a request for a crazy definition for a typo by clicking here. You can read about the Fig-tionary here.

2 Responses

  1. Glad yoru journal is so educational

  2. Indeed you are correct, by Odin!

    Now, child of Midgard, taste the wrath of mine mystical hammer, Mjolnr!

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