Hai-kuul – March 18, 2005

Poutine (Suggested by Ian)
Artery Clogging
Tates, Curd and Gravy Goodness
A Canuck Staple

It’s its own food group
A Québecois fantasy
Oops! There goes my health!

How oft do you see
A snack that goes down so well
Yet leaves so slowly?

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8 Responses

  1. I’m convinced the problems we have in the United States stem from the complete lack of poutine. Perhaps legislature should concentrate less on steroid use in major league baseball and more on easing the external conflicts that have arisen preventing Americans from eating the greatest food on earth.

  2. There is a Canadian food better than Poutine: Beaver Tails.

    What is a Beaver Tail, you ask? (no, not that, get your mind out of the gutter!) It is a piece deep fried donut-type dough flattened and shaped like a beaver tail (no really, cat?) served hot sprinkled with lemon sugar or cinnamon sugar. Only available in Ottawa during the winter while skating on the canal. Great with hot chocolate.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm….beaver tails! I miss Ottawa!


  3. Technically you can buy Beavertails anywhere these days. They are a chain. There is one located in the Metro Toronto Zoo, right around the Polar Bear Enclosure (Towards the Siberian Tigers – Man do I know the Zoo or what?).

    But the REAL way to eat a Beavertail (according to my wife) is to buy one on the canal during Winterlude.

  4. They (Beaver Tails) have even made it to Halifax, but only during the summer. Nothing beats a Beaver Tail on the Rideau canal though. And thanks for the Poutine haiku. You are indeed Le Roi d’haiku…

  5. There’s no way that Beaver Tails are better than Poutine!!!!
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Beaver Tails, but Poutine!….Poutine is just so much better.

    Here’s another haiku:

    So very tasty
    Oh so very bad for you
    Eat it all the time!

  6. Nice one, Tien!

    So what’s better? Poutine or Montreal Smoked Meat?

  7. Which one is better?
    Poutine or Montreal smoked meat.
    Eat both all the time!

  8. So do y’all get the feeling that Tien likes to eat ALL THE TIME?

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