Hai-Kuul – March 11, 2005

Being Yelled at By the Elderly (Suggested by Shellie)
Old folks sitting there
Yelling as I walk past them
Keep your dentures in!

People Who Stare (Suggested by Cat)
What do you want, jerk?
Your eyes never move away!
You want some of this?!!?!?

Jay (Just because)
Every day she blogs
And makes us all look like dinks
She types way more stuff

Terminator (Suggested by Dave)
He’s made of metal
Sent back from Connor’s Future
He has such bad hair

Don McLean (Suggested by Dave)
A song that kicked ass
And today it still does, too!
Musical Genius

Terminator and Don McLean (Suggested by Dave)
Sent from the future
To write meaningful lyrics
And kill people, too

American Pie (Just Because)
Dave‘s Dad is funny
Even though his name is Don
Guess the right song, man!

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Fig-tionary – March 11, 2005

womewhat (suggested by Tien based on a Jorge typo)

  1. Function: pronoun – Something to do with women – Usage: That guy is womewhat whipped.
  2. Function: adverb – in some degree or measure in relation to women – Usage: Those pants are womewhat pink.
  3. Function: percussive nonsense word – A substitution to be used for ‘wimoweh’ in the background of The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Originally titled Mbube by Solomon Linda)

ashat (inadvertently contributed by Shellie)

  1. Function: adverb – In the fashion of a hat. Dressed as a hat – Usage: They showed up to the party ashat.

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