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Poetic License

We all would like to think of ourselves as being cool. No one really admits that they think this way, because it seems somewhat self-centred. But the need to be cool is there nonetheless. The problem arises when one person tries to emulate another person’s coolness. This doesn’t always work, as one person’s coolness could be another person’s idiocy.

My friend Dave has come up with a new monday feature which poses questions and has you answer them. This is very cool. Should I do the same?


However, my version of cool will be a section where someone can send me a topic, and I will write a Haiku based on the topic. My friend (and massage therapist) Jess sent me a few yesterday, and I will share them with you…

Topic: Jessica
Jessica is great
She massages my shoulders
No Giraffe-neck, please

Topic: Dog Poo
Smelly coils of brown
Freshly laid in the new snow
Don’t forget to scoop!

Topic: Dubya
There is a proud nation
To the south of our homeland
Led by a moron

This is quality material. You would do well to contribute.

This Blog entry will be permanently embedded in the side for ease of contribution. Leave your requests as a comment.

Diction Shmiction

Have you ever made a mistake whilst typing in MSN Messenger or e-mail?

Don’t you hate how once you click send and the person reads your message that you cannot ever take back that typo?

Well, here at Barking Space, we have a service for you. Just send us your mistakes, and we will invent a definition for you so that it becomes a real word!

For example (taken from a recent MSN Conversation)…

Person: I’m so uncreatice [intended word: uncreative]
Jorge: Uncreatice is a cool new word!
Person: Yes, but what does it mean?
Jorge: Uncreatice – A singularly plain carapace worn on the head.
Person: lol!

No longer will you be stuck with no snappy comebacks. The only problem is that they won’t actually be instant. Instead, they will take a few days. We’re still ironing the bugs out.

Again, this blog entry will be permanently embedded on the side of Barking Space to facilitate contribution. Just leave your request in the comments.